Did you miss out on JetBlue's Winter Sale last week? Are you filled with regret on your opportunity to cash in on some pretty discounted travel? 

Well then, today is your lucky day! No, you didn't win the Powerball (yet)... JetBlue's Winter Sale has returned! 

From now until tomorrow, January 13th at 11:59 ET, if you book a flight, you could pay as little as $49 (taxes and fees included)!

Here are some of the specifics: 

You need to be traveling on a Monday-Thursday or Saturday between January 20th and February 11th. 

Or you need to be traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday between February 16th and April 13th. 

Once you pick out your dates, take a peak at some of the insane deals on the JetBlue site!


Now do you want to hear the deals you can cash in on? 

You can travel from JFK to Raleigh, NC for only $49; JFK to Savannah, GA for $59; JFK to Fort Lauderdale, FL for only $89... as in, a state where it's warm. 

Lookin' to get further away from this cold? Check out the deals to Nassau, BS (as in the Bahamas) for only $104; JFK to Grand Cayman for only $127; or JFK to Bermuda for $117. 

boro_park Cold enough for You?? Sometimes it pays To be a procrastinator! Get a great deal on tickets to Florida this month! Going to Florida from NY area during Yeshiva Week? PRICING AT A FRACTION OF THE COST! Sample Fare: 1/21 - 1/31 JFK - FLL (NY to Fort Lauderdale) ZS Flights Price: $320 Round Trip (JetBlue) Same Tickets on JetBlue: Current Price: $440 Sample Fare: 1/24-1/28 JFK - MCO (NY to Orlando) ZS Flight Price: $275 Round Trip (JetBlue) Same Tickets on JetBlue: Current Price - $425 Includes First Checked Bag!! Check out www.zsflights.com Get discount airline tickets – save 10-50% off listed ticket price. Primarily JetBlue flights, as well as other major airlines. ​ #JetBlue #Winter #Winerbreak#Miami #Jfk #Laguardia #airport #Fly#yeshiva #NYC #Kosher #Passover #Pesach #PassoverVacation #Passover2016 #yeshivaweek #florida #fortlauderdale #zsflights

Going to Vegas? Travel from JFK for only $119. 

Flights from LaGuardia to Florida are available for as low as $89. 

Don't miss out on these deals again! Check them out here!

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