That's a Hit Record! 8 More Record Stores You've Absolutely Got to Check Out in NYC

Despite the bad rap that Millenials occasionally get for being ignorant and tech-obsessed, it's safe to say that there are definitely a good number of old souls within Gen Y. 

These people are able to appreciate the things that came before our time, especially when it comes to music. 

Thankfully, New York City is home to some of the most incredible record shops, where you'll be able to find everything from a 25 cent LP to an extremely rare and valuable record. 

It's good to know that we have more than decent access to dope vinyl all around the five boroughs

Read on to find out about some of the best record stores this city has to offer.

1. CO-OP 87 Records (87 Guernsey Street - Brooklyn)


This Greenpoint, BK record shop is a teensy little space, but they definitely make a point to make use of the space.


The walls are are chock-full of super affordable used records. They stock some new records as well, but it's not their specialty. You'll definitely find some gems among the racks. 

2. Jazz Record Center (236 West 26th Street)

Jazz enthusiasts - look no further than this amazing Chelsea record shop.

The place is super organized, and super saturated with some of the best quality jazz records you can find in NYC. Like most shops, the prices range from the very low to the very high, but you'll definitely be able to find some great stuff within your budget.

3. Good Records NYC (218 East 5th Street)


You certainly won't be able to miss this East Village store - the bright pink brick exterior is noticeable from a mile away.


Good Records also has a super friendly staff, reasonable prices, and best of all, they let you play a record before you buy it. 

4. Captured Tracks Shop (195 Calyer Street - Brooklyn)


This Greenpoint, BK record store is owned by Captured Tracks record label, so they definitely know music.

You'll be able to find a bit of everything here. And if you're a 90s kid, be sure to check out their massive cassette tape rack. It'll bring on some childhood nostalgia, in the best possible way.


5. Material World (184 Noll Street - Brooklyn)


This Bushwick shop will be music to your ears if you're into metal, hardcore, punk, or noise. They cater to these genres specifically, so if that's not your thing, your experience may be a bit daunting.

But, the selection and condition of their records is top notch, and they also support local artists by selling their records, which is always a plus. 

6. Generation Records (210 Thompson Street)


This Greenwich village shop not only has a great selection of records, they also have tons of other goodies like band posters, apparel, etc. 

And make sure to check out the downstairs, too - it's easy to miss! 

7. Black Gold Records (461 Court Street - Brooklyn)


What's better than shopping for your favorite records? Doing so with an amazing cup of coffee in your hand, that's what.


This cafe-record shop hybrid in Carroll Gardens has an eclectic mix of decor that makes for a super unique experience that you'll definitely want to come back for. 

8. Turntable Lab (120 East 7th Street)


If you're an aspiring DJ, head on over to Turntable Lab in Alphabet City.

This place has a great record selection, but they're best known for their high quality audio equipment and knowledgeable staff. You'll obviously have to drop a little more cash for a synth or a turntable, but it will definitely be worth the splurge.  

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