Hitch a Ride to NYC's Beaches for Just $1 Using This App

For the past few weeks, we've been moaning and groaning that it's too damn cold and rainy. We were dying for summer warmth to arrive.

But now that it's here, summer has returned with a vengeance! We are no match for the too hot streets of NYC and the too sweaty subway corridors and cars.

Escape the summer heat as much/soon as possible, especially since New York beaches and pools will be open for an extra week for the third year in a row. Thanks NYC! 

We know you like options though–and NJ's awesome beaches way better– so Skedaddle is here to help you get there for super cheap!

According to Time Out NYthis new app lets you book round-trip luxury rides on demand to NYC and NJ beaches, like Jones Beach, Point Pleasant, Long Beach, Atlantic Beach, Sandy Hook Beach and Robert Moses Beach, for just $1 on Saturdays. 

Just head to one of the super convenient pickup locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn for a day full of sun and sand.

They usually leave NYC at 8 a.m. and return around 3 p.m., but if you're looking for even more fun, you can purchase 5 p.m. return tickets.


Tickets are selling out fast though, so grab your seats and plan out your summer escape ASAP! Plan your next beach trip any Saturday through Labor Day weekend.


There's no word yet if you can have a beach pregame on your trip down there. But who says you can't bring a "water" bottle or a fancy flask along for the ride (don't tell them we said that)? 

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