Wouldn't it be great to enjoy the last few warm days as the summer winds down poolside, instead of surrounded by sweltering concrete?

Well, now you have the chance! New York pools and beaches will remain open an extra week this summer. 

Both pools and beaches will stay open until September 10th, during what’s expected to be a hotter than average summer. 

Wanna here some not so great news? For six extra days of cooling down, it will cost the city about $1.7 million for staffing and related expenses. 

Just another way to take more taxes out of our already biweekly checks, right?

City public beaches have already opened, and many New Yorkers have wasted no time pitching their umbrellas. Public pools will open up on June 28th, so don't forget your floaties and and flip flops.


With the temperature finally starting to rise, we know New Yorkers cant wait to dive into the city's pools.


Enjoy those extra beach days!

[Feature Image Courtesy SheKnows] [via TimeOut NY]