We're devastated this morning. 

No, not because we may be getting our first snowfall of the winter (we're actually pretty psyched about that). 

We're devastated to learn that the South Bronx History Channel Billboard may soon become, well... history. 

The big, red "H" in the sky is all that's left, with "The History Channel" already removed from its scaffolding. 


The sign, which is located at 20 Bruckner Blvd., will soon be taken down completely. 

According to DNAinfo, the sign's removal is due to massive renovations to the ice-making factory it sit's atop of. 

According to the real estate company, Maddd Equities, who partnered with the building's owner, the renovations could total as much as $25 million. 

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Unfortunately, the History Channel billboard will not make the cut in the extensive renovations. 

We're totally bummed that this sign that has been a South Bronx icon for as long as we've been alive (we're millennials, remember?) will no longer have a space in the sky, but it will always have a space in our hearts. 

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[via DNAinfo] [Feature Image Courtesy Architects and Artisans]