Who knew a musical about the first United States Secretary of the Treasury would be this big?

Hamilton is on fire. The writer and star of the record breaking musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda won the Pulitzer Prize for drama, and it is expected to just obliterate everyone on Sunday at the Tony Awards.

It is almost impossible to get a ticket to this show. It's sold out through January 2017 and scalpers keep getting more and more from the show. But, it look likes the producers are trying to stop this once and for all.

Hamilton tickets are going up thanks in part to scalpers. Center orchestra seats, once $475, are now going to be $879, making Hamilton the most expensive ticket on Broadway.

The reason why the tickets are almost doubled for the best seats in the house is to deter the behavior of scalpers. 

We recently looked at how scalpers for the hip-hop musical rake in an outrageous $250,000 a week so it is no surprise that the producers had to take drastic measures to stop it.

There is also a lottery in place for $10 tickets in the first two rows. 21 lucky people get to see one of, if not the biggest show in Broadway history, for next to nothing. 

The show is also planning on expanding the lottery so that 46 people a night can win tickets.


It is part of a bigger effort to get everyone of all backgrounds to see the show. Hamilton has teamed up with the Rockefeller Foundation to get 20,000 New York City Public School students to see the show each for $10.

The troubling number of tickets that actually go to the public has made the star of the show, Lin-Manuel Miranda, write an op-ed piece asking lawmakers to address the issue.


It seems that all the success and acclaim hasn't gone to the producers' heads. They are valiantly trying to get anyone to watch and enjoy their show. 

But, with Sunday coming around, who knows how much the tickets will be when Hamilton is carrying out Tony Awards by the barrel.

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[via New York Times] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]