Pommes Frites Just Confirmed Their New Greenwich Village Location Should Open Next Month!

YASSSSSSS! It's about friggin' time. 

There might be no one in this city who's missed Pommes Frites more (since their East Village location was destroyed in that unfortunate gas line explosion) than us. 


Seriously, we've talked about them time and time again, and it's not without merit. They have some of the most delicious-- if not, the most delicious-- fries (read: pommes frites) in this city. 

We were super excited when the announcement first hit back in June about a new Greenwich Village location opening at 128 MacDougal Street, and according to Eater NY, come this April, it's finally becoming a reality. 

So what's new this time around? Well, um, besides everything? There will be more seating, more fryers, and... wait for it... a beer and wine license. 

We know, we know. Can't. Hardly. Wait. So, we'll see you there next month? (Hopefully, there are way less waiting lines all the way to the sidewalk, right?)

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]