Bacon’s always had a soft spot in our hearts and stomachs, and with that unique umami flavor, we’re not surprised that Brooklyn’s hosting a picnic all about it.

Well, once again we have a proper setting to celebrate all that we know and love about bacon. 

On September 24th and 25th, The Great Big Bacon Picnic will serve up unlimited bacon.

Time Out reported that over 100 bacon bosses will serve up a wide variety of bacon-themed deliciousness at the second annual Great Big Bacon Picnic.

There’s the usual savoriness in noms like smoked pork-belly tacos with poblano lime from Tres Carnes, and black pepper thick-cut bacon with a horseradish glaze from Tellers.

However, you’ve also got the sweeter side of things in treats like bacon-butter crunch toffee from Roni-Sue’s Chocolates.

There’s music from Brooklyn’s Own High and Mighty Brass Band, as well as voting for the top chefs, participating in a Bacon Toss contest (pretty straightforward), and taking a bacon-break at the Great Big Food Coma Napping Area.


They’ll be at the Old Pfizer Factory (630 Flushing Avenue) in Williamsburg September 24-25. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to local charities like City Harvest and No Kid Goes Hungry.

Just do yourself a favor and limit yourself to one sip of bacon-infused bourbon. Trust us, nobody needs any more than that to satisfy their curiosity.


Yeah, now you’re really curious, aren’t you? Grab your tickets here.

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]