If you're foodies like us, you're on a quest to try out all of New York's hippest and hottest new restaurants, especially during Restaurant Week.

And if you're really like us, you're also bad at planning and always arrive to a packed house with a two-hour wait.

Good news for procrastinators of the world! Google Maps has sneakily rolled out a new feature, allowing users to track crowds in restaurants in real-time.

How does Google Maps do this? 

We'll spare you the tech-y details (not that we could explain it ourselves anyway), but Google always seems to know what we're up to, so we're not surprised. 

This feature has been available on desktop since November, but just popped up on to your mobile device this week, with the latest iOS app update.


So what are you waiting for? Check your phone to see the best time to snag a Magical Unicorn Milkshake or Shake Shack's Limited Edition “BBQ ShackMeister” Burger, without the long lines.


Thanks Big Brother!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Eater NY]