One of the best things about living in New York City is how most things you could possibly think of are usually never less than a couple blocks away. 

And for us lazy New Yorkers, delivery is being offered by more places than ever! Amazon one hour delivery? Dunkin Donuts? You're covered.

Google's throwing their hat in the ring with Google Express, which has not been expanded into all five boroughs and aaall of New York (like the whole state).

This is pretty crazy considering, contrary to popular belief, New York State extends way past that winery an hour and a half "upstate" you visited that one weekend this fall.

The delivery service offers shoppers access to Costco, Whole Foods, PetSmart, and Target. As reported by Time Out, same day delivery is also available because we want our sh*t NOW.

Recently, Google has said they would stop selling meat and perishables, which is a huge detractor for those of us with zero time to lug groceries up our four floor walk-ups, but Whole Foods seems like it will be filling that gap.

They also have plans to eventually include local businesses in their delivery services, including Paragon Sports, Road Runner, and Adorama.


A one-year membership costs $95 and non-subscribers can get overnight or two-day shipping for as low as $4.99. It's a pretty sweet deal, we must say (sorry Amazon, we still love you).

At the moment, we're still pretty attached to our Amazon Prime accounts but we're just saying, if Google steps up their media game, we have a feeling we'd be open to getting on board.

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]