Gluten Free Gluttony: Wheat Free Comfort Food in NYC 🍰🥖🥞

 If you’ve been missing out on the morning stack of pancakes, the crisped bottom of pizza dough or the heaping plate of perfectly al dente pasta, that stops now! New York City’s inclusion of dietary preferences has come at a slow pace, but has come nonetheless.

Jumping from franchises like Bareburger, now serving gluten-free buns to Dunkin Donuts, which released their new gluten-free brownie, it seems like businesses may be catching up. After some prodding, a few spots and their menus have shined like beacons in a chewy crumbling sea of questionable gluten-free options.

Here is a list of establishments serving some classic carby dishes without sacrificing the flavor. Starting with Brooklyn and Queens, working our way through Manhattan and the Bronx, and ending up in Staten Island.

Little Choc Apothecary (141 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn)


A casual, cozy, candlelit creperie? What’s the cherry on top? Oh, it’s organic, vegan and it’s crepe batter is gluten-free!

Featuring light and savory crepes or sweet and fruity, this vibrant spot packs in powerful flavors. Top your crepe with fresh fruits, nuts and vegan toppings or crisp greens, caramelized veggies and seasoned seitan. Beside your stuffed crepe, sip one of their housemade tea and herb blends or refreshing smoothies.

Champs Diner (197 Meserole St, Brooklyn)


Gluten-free Belgian waffles, sundaes, and shakes are awaiting your reservation at this thriving vegan diner.

It invokes the nostalgia of your typical butter scented diner, the modern way. Among the endless vegan menu are a few jewels like gluten-free cheesecake, overloaded tachos, and a vegan club sandwich. Stopping by for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert is sure to fill you up.

The Thirsty Koala (35-12 Ditmars Blvd, Queens)


How much does a flight to Australia cost? Undeniably more than a trip to this gluten-free Australian eatery in Queens!

Aside from the decadent and beautiful desserts like sticky date pudding, pavlova and apple and wattle seed crumb cake, this kitchen is putting out hefty dishes. Seasonal dishes are crafted with traditional Australian herbs, one of which is the award-winning wattle seed and herb crusted lamb. This wild to table restaurant is a safe bet for the adventurous diner, ensuring they serve organic, gluten-free, grass-fed and NON-GMO.

Keste (232 N 12th St, Brooklyn)



Wood-fired pizza pies, knock your socks off tomato sauce and fresh basil. The top pick for gluten-free pizza pie goes to the family-run business serving authentic Neapolitan pizza in the city.

It’s been credited as the, “#1 Pizza in New York” by New York Magazine, the “Best Pizza” in New York by Food Network Magazine, one of “The Most Authentic Pizzas Outside Italy” and one of the, “Best Pizza Places in the US” by Food and Wine Magazine. They offer over 15 gluten-free pizza options, all crafted by Mastro Caporuscio and overseen by his daughter Giorgia.

Candle 79 ( 154 E 79th St, Manhattan)


How comforting is it to enter a restaurant and be offered a whole gluten-free menu? Find out by paying Candle 79 a visit.

The establishment serves both vegan and vegetarian options, including a traditional Mezze platter full of goodies like Baba ganoush, almond tzatziki, smoked hummus and eggplant caponata served with flax crisps. Featuring daily gluten-free pasta or soups, zucchini enchiladas, and spring vegetable paella as some of their entrees, there is something sure to please on this tasteful menu.

S'MAC (345 East 12th Street, Manhattan)

What is cheesy, dense, rich and problematic for those looking to eat gluten-free in New York? Macaroni and cheese!

That was before S’MAC’s creator Sarita set out on a mission to create a gluten-free mac that’s got all of the classic components without the concerns. It is made possible by the exclusion of wheat flour from their bechamel and crunchy gluten-free cornflake breadcrumb mix. Brown rice elbow macaroni is prepped for all the gluten-free orders. 

There is also a vegan alternative option available with certain styles of mac, so be sure to let your dairy-free buddies know to come along too.  

Zero Otto Nove ( 2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx)


For your next night out, enjoy seafood over risotto or clams on a bed of gluten-free pasta?

A romantic and friendly ambiance dominates the seating area, as well as the scent of all the love and San Marzano tomatoes you can imagine. Pull up a seat and unfold your white napkin, you’ll need it to keep clean while satisfying your palette. Just alert the waiter of your gluten sensitivities and let them recommend the specials of the night.

Leo's Deli (1153 Forest Ave, Staten Island)


Huge feel good salads feature fresh toppings like caramelized pears and fig dressing, at this casual sandwich shop in Staten Island.

Their specialty is sandwiches!

They feature scrumptious creations, with truffle oil, olive tapenade, and basil pesto. 

One of their signature items, called the “Emma” sandwich, is piled with salmon, avocado, red onion, goat cheese and truffle oil. Any of their sandwiches can be adjusted for your needs and made with gluten-free bread. 

Check out their other menu items and call ahead because the gluten-free bread goes fast!

Gluten-free options make these locations a hot ticket. If you love eating gluten free check out our other gluten-free guide. Have a sensitive gut? Try kombucha the fizzy probiotic drink to help calm your rumbles.

Happy eating folks!       

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