#SipTheScoby Keeping Up with Kombucha in NYC 🍶🍵💪

Say goodbye to matcha, Kombucha is the next best “living” health drink. The fermented tea beverage hits the tongue at a cross between apple cider vinegar and soda water; a sour kick with a hint of sweetness. 

Being fermented, this drink also contains a slight ABV, on average 1 to 7 percent. Don't worry about being boozy, the most you'll experience is a light buzz. You're most likely to reap the energy boost and smooth digestion, thanks to the probiotics.

The “magic” tea, come in a plethora of bases and flavor combinations to explore; from a green tea mango citrus green tea kombucha to an oolong juniper berry and red clover. Fizzy, delicious, and grown from a fungus, try it and experience the delicious and nourishing taste of the good life with a slight buzz, like Kombucha. 


Dig Inn Seasonal Market (17 E 17th St, Manhattan)

Dig Inn, formerly known as The Pump, debuts the new Buch Bar, pouring brews from Kombucha Brooklyn (KBBK). It is served from kegs at several bars and restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and as alcoholic beverages in Queens. 


Buch Bar will have a variety of four options on tap, rotating seasonally: Watermelon Twist, Straight Up, Cherry, and Jasmine Green.

Queens Kickshaw (40-17 Broadway, Queens)

Beyond Kombucha is a tiny company, one of the first licensed kombucha breweries on the East Coast. The company provides Kombucha Ale and Mava Roka on tap at an Astoria bar, Queens Kickshaw.


Their signature Kombucha Ale contains 6.3 percent alcohol, as opposed to regular kombucha being 1 to 1.5 percent. The Ale resembles a tropical hard cider with heightened flavor and body.

Citizens of Chelsea (W 25th St, Manhattan)


Australian coffee shop, Citizens of Chelsea, is the brunch spot for an “Aussie-brunch-themed” experience.

Along with their mouth-watering brunch options, this cafe provides a great selection of teas and Grapefruit kombucha on tap. Besides their delicious food and grapefruit kombucha, this place is super photogenic - thanks to their “home for the holidays” neon light sign.


Brooklyn Kava (191 Suydam St, Brooklyn)

Not only do they sell Kombucha on draft, but this wonderful spot also serves kava, coffee, and various pastries. Brooklyn Kava is the town's first kava bar but didn't fail to leave out kombucha on their menu. 

Thanks to Pilot Kombucha, the Brooklyn Kava debuts their Pomegranate Rose kombucha. 


Coastal Craft Kombucha (3567 Lawson Blvd, Queens)

This production area and brewery bottles the stomach soothing bubbles in ginger, berry hibiscus, and Hawaiian Fire. The tap room at their brewery in Oceanside, lets you sample limited release brews, along with their seasonal flavors such as the Surf’s Hop.


Surf's Hop is this summer's rotational dry hopped kombucha, you'll taste their signature Black and Green tea blend with the added hint of Raspberry and three hop options including Galena, Willamette, and Citra.

Celestine (1 John St, Brooklyn)

Courtesy of Mombucha, Celestine restaurant serves Rich Awn’s inspired Kombucha influenced by his mother’s obsession for the health phenomenon. 

This restaurant serves Kombucha on draught and delicately pairs each flavor with different middle eastern dishes. The flavors include Blood Orange, Ginger Mint, Coffee, and Yerba Mate. 

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