Oy with the reviews already! We watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and lost our minds! 

Whether it was Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, we had so many thoughts on the show it was hard to keep track.

We started chugging coffee at Lorelai Gilmore speed. We stayed up all night to like we were cramming for a final at Chilton

And then we just started shouting everything we felt about the revival at no one in particular. We'd gone full Luke. 

Here is a series of things we blurted out while watching! In no particular order!

Oh, and if you haven't watched it, but have every intention of doing so, stop reading. 

If in no world do you ever intend to watch this show, well, this piece probably just isn't for you. Have a wonderful day! 


1. Where is Marty?

2. Michel has a husband!


3. April smoked pot to try and make us like her.

4. Emily in a Candie's tee with her flayered jeans. She looked an extra from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

5. Conspiracy theory: Dean lives in Scranton. 

The Office is set in Scranton. Dean now works in the warehouse at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company. I wonder which Dundee he'll get...

6. Who is the dad? #PleaseNotPaul (Him?)

7. Did Rory enlist as one of Paris's surrogate army?

8. Poor Odette, though.

9. Rory's Wizard of Oz goodbye speech to the Life & Death Brigade. 


Just perfect. We'll all miss Finn most of all.

10. So many of the Bunheads girls!

11. Stars Hollow: The Musical. 

About 20 minutes too long and weird AF. Just like GG. So you know, perfect. Sutton Foster and Christian Borle are national treasures.

12. Who else cried at the Sookie/Lorelei reunion?!


I had to watch the last episode on my phone on a bus and it was still a total sob-fest. Melissa McCarthy warms my cold dead heart!

13. This letter that Emily accused Lorelei of writing... what happened to it? Did she write it? 


Why didn't we ever come back to the letter!? Every therapy session ended so abruptly & no one ever brought up the dang letter again! If it was SUCH a big deal why didn't we come back to it?? What kind of therapist are you, Kerry Butler?

14. Did Kirk get hot? 


He did a little, right?

15. Rory is not a good journalist. 

She fell asleep talking to a source. She slept with another one- a WOOKIE. Bad journalist! Bad!

16. I love that Hep Alien is still rocking. 

I hate that Lane Kim is stuck in Stars Hollow. Unless she LIKES HER LIFE-maybe she likes it and we are all forcing a narrative on her that she doesn't want! But she so deserves better.

17. Mr. Kim lives!

18. Does ASP hate millenials? 


The "30 Something Gang" wasn't exactly flattering...

19. Stars Hollow tried to have a Pride parade! Big step for the ole SH.

20. Emily Friggin' Gilmore, y'all. Nantucket Edition. 

I love her in Nantucket! I love her "kinda" dating the guy from Twin Peaks! I love her terrifying children at a whaling museum! 

21. Paris & Doyle remain the power couple of this show. 

22. Who thinks that Stars Hollow would have voted Trump? 


I feel like most of the town are the secret Trump voters!!! Rural white America, y'all...Rory's for Hillary, of course. But IDK about every one else! Kirk voted Gary Johnson.


Well, I'm spent. I'm gonna go ask my neighbors if they have a pool house I can lie down in a for while.

[Feature Image Courtesy TVLine]