As with most holidays, NYC is going ALL IN for Earth Day this year.

As part of the second annual 'Car Free Day' initiative, which will close off large sections of major roads to vehicular traffic throughout NYC boroughs, Citi Bike is offering New Yorker's a free day pass!

In honor of Earth Day this Saturday April 22nd, you can enjoy the beautiful weather by riding around on a Citi Bike all day long, for free!

Just enter your information on Citi Bike's official site to receive your code for the free Day Pass. Then enjoy unlimited 30-minute rides, all day.

Join in the conversation by tagging your free bike insta pics with #CarFreeNYC and #CitiBike. 

Personally we are down for a city with less car traffic, if it means we can be woken up in the middle of the night by blaring horns and car alarms less often.


We're sure there are other, more ethical reasons we should be caring about but YOLO, amirite (do people still say this?)?


Just don't take away Uber. 

[Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Citi Bike NYC]