Okay so...Not all of New York is going car free. Obviously. But parts of it are!

In honor of Earth Day last year, the city set up four "car-free" zones throughout the city in a (symbolic) effort to cut back on motor-vehicle carbon emissions.  

This year they're doing it again, and then some! On April 22nd, a 30-block stretch of Broadway, from Union Square to Times Square, will be completely car-free from 10am to 4pm in celebration of Earth Day!

How cool is that?! We can dance in the street all day long! Sections of St. Nicholas Avenue uptown, Montague Street in Brooklyn, Eagle Avenue in the Bronx, and Shore Boulevard and Woodside Avenue in Queens will go car-free for the day as well. 

More 'Car Free Day' events, encouraging New Yorkers to get out and celebrate Earth Day, will be announced soon.

The car-free cause has been championed by City Council transportation chair, Ydanis Rodriguez, who originated the event last year. 

In his words, "I truly believe this year will help to push us forward in lowering the number of cars that travel on our streets, the number of New Yorker's that own a car versus use car share services or biking services, and improving the overall quality of life for every resident, tourist, and person that steps foot in the City!"


In a letter to constituents, Rodriguez cites the potential of open, car-free streets that have been implemented full-time in cities around the world, to great success.

He continues, "If we're going to craft a sustainable future for our city and our planet, cars will not be the answer and Earth Day is the best opportunity to make this point clear."

Can you imagine a future New York, with little to no car traffic? When we imagine getting a full, uninterrupted night's sleep without at least three different car alarms going off, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea.


Oh yeah, and the future of our planet and all that good stuff.

[Feature Image Courtesy SpeedLux] [via Gothamist]