Have any exciting foodie plans?

Brunch dates with your buds, or that special someone? Kinda worried, in case you wanted to save your tax refund money? Don’t worry, because a large amount of New York City has got you covered.

“Dine in Brooklyn” is bringing 10 days of deals to the borough at over 60 restaurants (and counting) beginning March 20.

According to TimeOut NY, the number of participating eateries is still rising. 

That means that New Yorkers can enjoy cheap eats at some of the pricier restaurants NYC has to offer. The prices for meals at the restaurants will be fixed for the event, so the only variable would be your tip and drinks. Similar to Restaurant Week that happened earlier this month.

Brunch will be set at $12, a two-course lunch will set you back $15, and a three-course dinner will cost a mere $28.


Some of the participants are our favorites, such as Kings County Imperial with their amazing shrimp toast. An average dinner here would be around $55, so that's a lot of bang for your buck. 

Then there’s Therapy Wine Bar in Bedford-Stuyvesant where you can score their scrumptious “chocolate trilogy" desserts.


Wherever you go in Brooklyn or whoever you tag along with (or not), check out "Dine in Brooklyn's" website here, nom on some amazing eats, and most importantly, snap some amazing foodie shots for yo' 'Gram.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via TimeOut NY]