5 Incredible NYC Restaurant Week Specials You Absolutely Must Check Out This February

While most of you think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, you're actually wrong. It's actually Restaurant Week

It only happens twice a year and luckily for all of us New Yorkers, it's going down right. now. 

For those of you living under your Netflix-binge rock, Restaurant Week allows us average salaried grown up children a chance at boujee dining for a fraction of the cost. 

Which is awesome because we need to save up for the MTA Subway hike.

Consider this your quick and handy guide to the best of the best restaurants featured. Unless a $42 three course dinner at a prestigious restaurant isn't your thing. If none of these tickle your fancy, or you still have room after dessert, you can check out the other participating restaurants on NYCGo.

1. 21 Club (21 West 52nd Street)


In this once-upon-a-time speakeasy, that's been featured in almost every New York City based TV show (from I Love Lucy to Mad Men to even Archer), you can munch on truffle chicken and exotic sashimi, all while brushing elbows with billionaires and a potential president of the United States, since all of them except FDR have dined there. 


It's got three different rooms to dine in and one ceiling covered in airplanes; there's plenty of history and scenery to take in while you eat lunch that's costing you less than most of the appetizers on the standard menu.

2. NOBU (40 West 57th Street; 105 Hudson Street)

Another celebrity-hyped hot spot (remember when Paris Hilton went and only drank a can of Red Bull? #Throwback), Nobu might be a little over your budget with it's $42 assorted sashimi dinner. Fear no more– for the same price, Restaurant Week comes to the rescue and provides three courses, all under the careful eye of chef Nobu Matsuisha. 

Although the menu is a bit smaller than other places, and dinner is only served at the TriBeCa location, it will definitely have your Instagram followers envious, especially with the famed black cod miso dish.

3. Delmonico's (207 West 36th Street)

One of the best steakhouses in NYC is offering you a chance to tuck your napkin into your shirt and slice through your juicy cut of meat (or chicken) after polishing off one of seven decadent appetizers.

Not only does Delmonico's boast a 4.4 star Zagat rating, but they're also offering up Restaurant Week wine specials, special pricing on their own cookbook, and their signature steak sauce, which quite frankly, is unheard of. 

4. Russian Tea Room (150 West 57th Street)

When in doubt, pinkies out! Waltz through the gilded entryway and into this luxe, velvety, carpeted wonderland. 

Luckily for us, their Restaurant Week menu is quite extensive, offering both the traditional Russian borscht, an infamous beet soup, and vegetarian options, like the vegetable ravioli and chocolate hazelnut cake. 


Tip: if you're dining with friends and really feeling yourselves, opt for the Caviar Tasting to share. Because when else can you sample caviar and actually afford it?

5. Il Mulino (37 East 60th Street)


Although the most limited and exclusive of the bunch, it's hard to offer a well rounded guide without providing the best Italian food in New York City. Unfortunately, only lunch is offered, but where else can you get succulent seafood for just $29? 

Not to mention, the most impeccable service and crisp homemade breads and pastas to accompany. Il Mulino is such a staple restaurant, they even opened smaller restaurants, featuring a steakhouse and a more casual atmosphere.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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