The two essential items in anyone’s house can be found in their kitchen and their bathroom.

One for health, and the other, well, for mental health.

But CVS is taking your remedies for cold and flu to the kitchen with this potentially disgusting new innovation. 

CVS just introduced Nighttime Cold & Flu Relief in the form of K-cups, and they’re selling them for $8.50 per package.

Before you ask if these K-cups are just steaming hot cups of cough syrup, these single serve cups come in a few drinkable flavors: berry infused with menthol and green tea flavors for daytime, along with honey lemon-infused chamomile, and white tea flavors for nighttime.

Sure, we have questions about the sustainability of Keurig cups in general, and we're hoping that these berry-infused-with-menthol-and-green-tea flavors aren't just a clever way of dressing up, "Yo, you know that vile green Nyquil? This'll taste just. Like. That."

Maybe we should be a little more optimistic. Maybe not. 


Regardless of how they taste, you might want to stock up on these for the upcoming coldest winter ever… They’ll keep you warm and make you healthy. 

[via Pure Wow ]