Crazy Cocktails and Viral Foods Sweeping NYC 🍧🍸🍿

Forget your breakfast platters and morning donuts this week to make room for something experimental! If you’ve tuned in to the freaky and strange food crazes taking New York by the collar, you might’ve noticed limited edition items like the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Bombolone Sundae, courtesy of Serendipity and Angelina Bakery, or the Gelato Sandwich from Pizza & Shakes and Dough Doughnuts, all over your feed. Although it’s too late to grab one of those, we’ve got a list of epic desserts, sips, and plates you can still get your hands on this Summer.

Jacob’s Pickles (509 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan)

Sample the massive, gastronomically spectacular banana pudding fried chicken pancakes at Jacob’s Pickles. You heard that correctly. All summer long, New Yorkers can treat themselves to banana pudding-loaded pancakes and crisp fried chicken topped with crispy bacon, candied nuts, and a maple drizzle on the Upper West Side location until September 5.

Clinton Hall (multiple locations in NYC)

Go-to cocktails are now a permanent fixture in New York and Clinton Hall has launched Poptails at their FiDi, E. 51st Street, and W. 36th Street locations to celebrate! The convenient takeaway treat in a popcorn container features a beverage of your choice disguised beneath a snack like popcorn, pigs in a blanket, or popcorn chicken and waffles. The snack and drink cup includes a straw that runs straight through the center, making it the most useful roadie you've ever seen.

WenWen (1025 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn)

Get ready to guzzle the Shyboy™ 4XL! Long Island's are undergoing a mini-renaissance, with WenWen replacing its standard vodka, gin, rum, tequila, sour mix, and Coke with something new. The aromatic amaro Montenegro is substituted for vodka, the tequila is replaced with mezcal, and the entire combination is poured into a pool-sized glass. It's finished with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a burning lime on top. Yes, fire.

Kumi (120 W 57th St, Manhattan)

Trip it to the tropics without leaving the city by visiting Kumi! Nestled in their dessert menu, Kumi’s underrated fruit platters offer New Yorkers a taste of a world away from the city. Their assorted mix of exotic and seasonal fruits is accompanied by fresh sorbets to make up a fruity, sweet, and adventurous platter offered in a proportion massive enough for two.

Carnegie Diner (205 W 57th St, Manhattan)

Cold, sweet, creamy, and colorful! Carnegie Diner’s giant over-the-top milkshakes are garnering attention for mixing up chewy cookies, decadent drizzles, cake chunks, chocolate chips, whipped cream, cherries, and more. Visitors can experience the Chocolate Pancake Strawberry Milkshake, featuring a strawberry base, chocolate frosted rim, pancakes, strawberry sauce, and fresh strawberries, pronto! If you're a fan of their breakfast-inspired sweets, opt for their Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich Milkshake, pictured above. P.S check out their OMG 24 Layer Chocolate Cake during your visit.

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