Spoiled Abroad: The Best Adventures to Have While Co-Working in Baliย โ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ—‚

Jungles, waterfalls, beaches, temples, and monkeys beckon you from your balcony work perch to come out and play. A far cry from your cramped post in New York City where the usual after work drinks are topped off with an up close and personal subway ride with 23984723 of your closest friends. 

Although  Co-working in a place like Bali is major work-cation goals, you most definitely will encounter the classic work/play balance battle. While the struggle will indeed be real, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded...promise. Use the lure of all the activities surrounding your Co-working time as motivation, it'll be the swift kick in the butt you need to be more productive than EVER. 

With Outpost based in Ubud, you're centrally located for a smorgasbord of tropical exploits. Whether it's a pre-work scooter ride for an epic sunrise, a happy hour overlooking postcard-worthy rice fields, or a weekend surfing down south, there's something for everyone. 

With no time to waste, you'll need the deets on the best adventure options. After all, those rice terraces aren't going to stroll themselves. Here's a roundup of some of the top endeavors you can rope yourself into while Co-working at Outpost. Some close, some further, and all worth it. 


Adventures of the Waterfall Kind:

Bali is like a waterfall scavenger hunt. They're sprinkled all over the island just waiting to be discovered and re-discovered. Here are some that'll have you falling for the falls:

- Tegenungan Waterfall: this is a popular one, with closest proximity to Ubud, about a 20 min. scooter ride

- Tibumana Waterfall: about a half hour from Ubud, this is a single, but impressive stream. 

- Tukad Cepung Waterfall: like caves? This one's for you. 

- Nungnung Waterfall: this has over 400 steps so prepare to work for your views. It's a powerful sucker with some cool jungle bridges over the stream. Who doesn't love jungle bridges?

Adventures of the Driving Kind: 

Scoot Yo-Self (this is like "treat yo-self" but with a scooter...because, those views though). In all seriousness, renting a scooter for your time in Bali gifts you freedom, and with freedom comes alllll the adventures. 

Once you conquer driving around, that is. Who knows what gems you might come across when meandering your way through the island roads. Just beware you may want to pull over every 5 seconds on account of cool finds.

Hiring a driver for the day is affordable, reliable, and arguably the most efficient way to see loads all in one dazzling day off. After all, your time off work is cherished, and likely limited, so it's crucial to make the most of it! You'll have the flexibility to tailor your itinerary to your adventurous cravings, and the comfort of working with a local driver who knows the ins and outs of Bali.  I worked with a fantastic driver that I can't recommend enough.  

Adventures of the Beach Kind:

Although technically not terribly far measurement wise, it takes a little longer to navigate the roads of Bali to the beach. Canggu is a laid-back hip spot to get your beach fill about an hour southwest of Ubud. After you spend the day surfing or just soaking up that tropical sun, head to Old Man's for the best party around. The next morning, get a hold of your hangover at one of the many adorably delicious cafes dotting the town. Oh, and if you'd like beach vibes as part of your every day, Outpost is opening a new location in Canggu this May, so, boom. 

You can also head down to the southernmost south to Uluwatu- a perfect combo of beach, turquoise waters, and jungle-y goodness. These are only a couple of the beachside options to get ya started.

Adventures of the Green Kind:

by Lauren Breedlove

Being that you're based in a tropical locale, you'll be getting your daily dose of greens in sight form.
Fine by us...who likes broccoli anyways?!

The rice terraces are lush, and Tegalalang is a mere 20 minute-ish ride from Ubud.

It gets massively crowded,  I suggest heading up there around sunrise, when the crowds are sleeping, and you can walk the terrace paths as the star of your own ultra-low-budget independent feature film. 

**Fair warning: there are muddy spots, and water, and possible snakes living in said water. Be mindful of your own two feet if navigating off the stone path. I witnessed a guy fall right in a sizable pool of muddy water, much to the delight of his cackling friends.

Update: the only thing bruised was his ego.

Adventures of the Food Kind:

This doesn't require much, except a healthy appetite, and well, no problem there. Authentic Balinese restaurants are abundant in Ubud itself, as well as the surrounding areas. The fact that it's mostly super affordable allows us to eat like the Kings and Queens that we are. Make sure to try a smoothie bowl, so pretty you won't want to eat it (almost).

At the workspace, there's no need to venture out for an authentic meal, Mama's delivers right to your desk. If you do want to head out, there are plenty of options to please every palate. Vegetarians especially will be in heaven with Ubud's healthy dose of options. 

Always wanted to dine with bunnies, cats, or ridiculous views? 

No problem. And yes, there's pizza and tacos too. 

Adventures of the Temple Kind: 


Literally everywhere. You don't have to be religious to appreciate the unarguable beauty of these intricate structures.

The bigger temples are popular for good reason and will have you jaw-dropped, of course. However, if you can, wander around and discover some of the smaller, lesser-known gems. They have much to offer as well...and there's something to be said for being the only one there.

Adventures of the Island Kind:


Wait, aren't we on an island? 

Yes, and it's glorious, but there are others, so shake it up! You can bop over to a smattering of other islands via ferry boats for the day, or night(s) if you so fancy.

The Gilli Islands are a popular choice, as is Lombok, and the Nusa Trio: Lembongan, Ceningan, and Penida (pictured above). 

Adventures of the Chill-Your-Mind Kind:

Yoga, obviously. Ubud is the yoga mecca in Bali, and there are numerous places to achieve that mindful balance to center yourself before, after, or during your workday.  

Outpost even offers yoga sesh's on their balcony, so there's no excuse really. Not to mention there are yoga varieties for every kind of yoga lover mind...including aerial. Seems like Bali might be the perfect place to find out exactly what aerial yoga is. Namaste on, folks. 

Adventures of the Live Music Kind:

Because your Bali adventure needs a soundtrack. In Ubud, there are a couple of spots that make for a lively night out by way of some major tunes.

Bali Bohemia and Laughing Buddha are where you can unleash some toe-tapping-drink-dranking-fun. And at Bali Bohemia, you may even will definitely get a visit from the neighboring monkeys. Worry not, the staff is on it, but guard your food anyways.

Adventures of the Most-Worth-It Kind:

Okay, they're ALL worth it, let's be real. But if you can only squeeze in a bit of adventuring time here and there, I would say these are your 'musts.' 

Happy Hour spot: Cafe Pomegranate. Sip a drink overlooking rice fields and watch the sunset as the fireflies come out for their nightly dance. Yep, it's real.


Banyumala Waterfall: aka Twin Waterfall. My absolute favorite and worth the drive up north to the Munduk region get there. Go early and you could be the lone bather in this actual paradise. The pool at the bottom is fit for a swim. So dunk in and tell TLC where to stick it. This waterfall is 110% worth chasing. 

The Campuhan Ridge Walk at Sunrise: a can't miss, and right in Ubud, to boot. I highly, repeat, HIGHLY suggest going at dawn. It gets extremely busy and nothing screams amazing like 45 tourists blocking your impossibly beautiful view with their selfie sticks.

Sunrise at the Temple on the Lake: Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is one of those sunrise spots that is nothing like you've ever seen. 

by Lauren Breedlove

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