Don't Chicken Out: The Guide To NYC's Tastiest Chicken Finger Spots 🍗🐓🍽

You’re hungry and I’m psychic. I’m sensing that you’re hungry, but you can’t put a finger on exactly what you want to eat.

Let’s make things easier.

Chicken fingers are a staple. You know it and I know it. Whether you’re 4 or 400, chicken fingers are in your life for better or worse. Here are 11 places, in no particular order, to get some chicken fingers you’ll wanna wrap your digits around. Give it a read, unless you’re chicken (sorry it was too easy).

Dirty Bird (155 Chambers St, Manhattan)

dirtybirdtogo Time for Happy Hour at #dirtybirdtribeca! Try our Fried Mac N' Cheese, Chicken Meatball Sliders, and Dirty Wings today from 4-7p with your choice of beverage! #happyhournyc

I live in a basement in Brooklyn, work two jobs, internships, and college classes. To put it delicately, I am more broke than Kanye claims to be. I live alone with no kitchen, and no home cooking. If you are looking to ball on a budget while craving the simple elegance of a home cooked meal, Dirty Bird is the word. From fried to fingers, this place has chicken in every form you can possible dream of with all the homestyle sides and flavors to boot. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, a 3 pc finger rings in at $8.25. Scoop up your sock full of quarters and give yourself a break without breaking the bank.

Hill Country Chicken NoMad (1123 Broadway, Manhattan)

hcchicken Brunch never looked better - Chicken and waffles 🍗‼️

Instead of flying south for the winter like a bird, eat a bird southern style. Hill Country Chicken earns its spot on the list for its bevy of country style options, including their Texas Chicken fingers. Enjoy some guilt-free southern style chicken and sides on this side of the Mason Dixon.

Burnside Williamsburg (506 Grand Street, Brooklyn)


This is a bar and restaurant that has all the charm cheers rerun.

It is cozy and oddly familiar even on your first visit.

With a warm and homey atmosphere coupled with belly warming chicken strips, this hole in the wall couldn’t help but find its way on our list.

IHOP (Every Borough)

ihop An unstoppable duo: IHOP & online ordering. Use code IHOPNGO for $5 off your first order of $25 or more. Use the link in our bio! At participating locations. Restrictions apply.

I will not be calling this place anything but IHOP. In this holsum All-America article, it’s the international house of pancakes and nothing more.

However, this place has the most dependably good chicken fingers I have had. When I say dependable, I mean consistently tasty. Never in my 21 years of dining at that establishment have I ever got anything but Chicken Fingers.

The reasoning is in the seasoning. The chicken and side of fires are seasoned with a blend of spices that give it a nice kick.

I know it’s a chain but odds are unless you are on a strict diet of chicken fingers like me, you haven’t gone to that restaurant specifically for chicken fingers. If you hate them, blame the name change.

Dan and John's Wings (135 First Ave, Manhattan)

danandjohns East Village has the 📺 playing @fifaworldcup. @Smorgasburg is jammin in Brooklyn. The @mets play at home — plenty of #wingoptions 🍗⚽️⚾️🤔

1997 has given me the perfect quote for this experience: “Spice Up Your Life.” Whether your Posh or Sporty, Dan and John’s wings have the spice that’ll have you licking your fingers while you eat the chicken.

Sauce up your life with 7 different sauces, or go plain. With or without sauce, these fingers will shock your system with a price that is too good to be true! A little over 7 dollars gets you a 3 piece and a full belly.

Burnside Williamsburg (506 Grand Street, Brooklyn)

burnsidebk Our Gold rush cocktail + cheese curds = perfect 3rd wheel to your Sunday night tinder whatever. #friedcheeseplease 💕 📸: @crepesofwrath 🎆💒

This is a bar and restaurant that has all the charm cheers rerun.

It is cozy and oddly familiar even on your first visit.

With a warm and homey atmosphere coupled with belly-warming chicken strips, this hole in the wall couldn’t help but find its way on our list. 

Mott Haven Bar (1 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx)

boogie.babes So tell me where you’re from? • • • #bronx #bronxnewyork #nobodyspizza #southbronx #northbronx #motthaven #riverdale #kingsbridge #woodlawn #throggsneck #huntspoint #morrisania #morrispark #unitversityheights #portmorris #highbridge

Nothing is better than a home cooked meal unless you grew up in my house in which case; bar food was our “home cooking.”

Mott Haven combines some of my great loves, chicken, brunch, a place to sit with people you love, and alcohol you need to be able to tolerate them. Mott’s serves brunch style chicken and waffles as well as classic fingers and fries.

Family, fingers of chicken, and full glasses can only lead to a good time and a full belly.

Sticky's (Every Borough)

stickysfingerjoint OH WHAT A HOLIDAY 😎 Happy National Fried Chicken Day from The STICKYS FAM 💛❤️ . . . . . . #foodie #fun #national #holiday #incredible #eater #love #foodie #poppers #fresh #organic #global #local #basketball #skate #culture #music #highsnobiety #complex #thrillist #stickysfingerjoint #sauce #wow

No list about fingers of any kind would be complete without The Finger Joint; Sticky’s. This finger farm put all its eggs in one basket with a menu entirely devoted to the humble chicken finger. You may wonder, how much can be done with just a chicken finger?

I’m here to tell you that they have more fingers, flavors, and sauces then I have brain cells. This plague of perfectly plated poultry (say that three times fast) is taking over the city one mouth at a time.

Bondurant Yorkville (303 E 85th St, Manhattan)

beeraffair We won night brunch. If you're not celebrating Mothers Day, I might suggest this meal @bondurantsnyc: fried #chickentenders in crispy flowering thyme with homemade biscuit, bbq sauce & honey butter; @hillfarmstead Marie #HellesLager & @allagashbrewing #HoppyTableBeer. Great beer list here, and paired with thoughtfully, skillfully prepared food and brick walls? I'm in. #beerandfood #brunch #nightbrunch #foodandbeer #beerpairing #bondurants #bondurantsnyc #yorkville #ues #nyc #beeraffair

Custom cocktails and chicken fingers are a match made in heaven!

If you’re thirsty for something other than your Brita-filtered water, make your way to Bondurant and they’ll fix you up with a glass of something strong and a plate of gourmet chicken fingers to soak up.

Hen Penny (1695 Broadway, Manhattan)

hen_penny $1 chicken tenders and $1 wings ALL DAY! The best way to celebrate #NationalFriedChickenDay! Offer valid in stores only. #henpenny #chicken #NYC #reston #RTC #friedchicken #goodeats #soulfood

$2 chicken fingers - I don’t think this needs to be qualified any further but for you, I will.

The Hen Penny is located in the theater district for easy access before or after a show. If you are touring or just seeing a show, the Hen Penny is the perfect coup to roost while you eat chicken that is roasted.

Hot Chix Dekalb Ave (110 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn)

willoo My first doggy bag!

Life is nothing without risk.

Hot wings can be your best friend or your mortal enemy. Personally, I side step what I don’t know and go straight for the good stuff; chicken fingers.

Hot Chix is most notable for its hot wings but if you’re like me, you like to stick to the classics. And they 👏 deliver 👏 the 👏 class 👏 ics 👏.

If you want to walk on the wild side grab some of their wings but, if you are more on the mild side, grab some Hot Chix chicken fingers. Like any good classic, they don’t disappoint.

Always grateful for a helpful (chicken) finger, or hand, but if the lord giveth a fried chicken sandwich, I will taketh. Fix your further chicken cravings with our fried chicken sandwich guide. 

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