Searching for the Best Fried Chicken Sandwich? Here's a Shortcutlet 😋🍗🥪

Fried chicken sandwiches have healing powers. Whenever we are unwell, they nourish our bodies, hearts, and souls. They unite flavors, families, and cultures.

What we’re saying is, our candidate for the 2020 election will be fried chicken sandwiches. Our platform?

Eat us.

Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter (94 Ave C, Manhattan)


The chicken sandwich is succulent and tasty, and the decor makes you feel right at home. It’s just like your grandmother made it if your grandmother was amazing at making fried chicken sandwiches.

Get some cheddar grits on the side. Why? Because they’re sensational. 

Sisters (900 Fulton St, Brooklyn)


We always wished we had sisters. And now that we have them, and they make fried chicken, we feel like we can fly.

Because they have wings. Get it?

Their menu changes seasonally, always with local, organic ingredients.

Try the fried green tomatoes with goat cheese and windham cheddar toast, but don’t forget about their juicy, succulent, outstanding fried chicken sandwich. It’s got cheddar cheese, pickled slaw, and sriracha aioli.

So, basically, they’re family.

Schnippers (23 East 23rd St, Manhattan)


Schippers might be known for their sloppy joes, but we go there for the fried chicken sandwich.

It’s incredible. It’s got barbeque sauce, caramelized onions, and most importantly a fried chicken cutlet that’s crispy, juicy, and altogether stupendous.

Plus, it’s enormous, and we all know size matters. Especially when putting things in your mouth.

Shake Shack (154 East 86th St, Manhattan)

Did you know that Shake Shack has two fried chicken sandwiches?

Well, now you do. They’ve got a regular one with pickles on top, which is classic and excellent.

Our favorite is the spicy sandwich. One perfectly fried cutlet, on a terrifically tender bun, topped with a fresh spicy slaw that’s sporting some serious bite.

They don’t make it all year-long, so go to town whenever they are available.

Unidentified Flying Chickens (71-22 Roosevelt Ave, Queens)


This place was voted the #1 Korean fried chicken by the NY Times and New York Restaurant, and it’s pretty obvious why.

The crispy chicken sandwich is crunchy, spicy, and juicy. The UFC aioli provides an extra kick, and the brioche buns make it an altogether stunning experience.

Plus, it’s called Unidentified Flying Chickens.

Go there and let the chicken aliens invade your body, it’ll be an otherworldly experience.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken (28 East 1st St, Manhattan)


Blue Ribbon has a wall of sandwich options, each one is worth a taste.

Our favorite? The Firebird, it’s got pickled peppers and spicy chipotle mayo.

Can’t stand the heat?  Build your own and add stuff like bacon, pickled peppers, and pineapple. Our recommendation? Add them ALL and have a party.

In your mouth. 

Fuku (163 1 St Avenue, Manhattan)


“Fuku” is what we say to drivers who cut us off.

It’s also what we say to people when they ask us what our favorite late-night fried chicken joint from the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group, David Chang, is.

While his other spots serve up the top of the line Asian cuisine, he was generous enough to open this place up, catering to people like us who need that pre-bedtime hit of spice and crunch.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Fuku yourself.

Queens Comfort (3618 30th Ave, Queens)


We’ve got three words for you.

Corn. Flake. Crusted. Chicken.

Ok, that was four. We weren’t sure if corn flake was one word or two. What we are sure of is that this yummy sandwich has green goddess slaw and hot honey mustard on it.

Making our mouths water, and our feet dance.

Wilma Jean (345 Smith St, Brooklyn)


Any restaurant that serves fried bologna is a restaurant we want to marry. But until such unions are recognized in a court of law, we’ll have to settle for gorging ourselves with its food.

The deluxe fried chicken sandwich at Wilma Jean sports American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. It's classic fried chicken sandwichness done to absolute perfection.

Also, it comes with a side of tater tots. Do we really need to say anything more?

Didn’t think so.

Red Star Sandwich Shop (176 Smith St, Brooklyn)