Music festivals are all about the jams... and the food. Always the food.

By now you've definitely heard of Governors Ball, the dope NYC music festival going down on Randall's Island Park June 2nd through 4th. One look at their amazing lineup, and you'll be buying a ticket in no time.

Gov Ball has officially announced all the food that will be available at the festival this year, and we're low-key drooling at this list. 

They've partnered with Infatuation to bring you the best eats this city has to offer. Some highlights include Taiyaki NYC, Dough, Luke's Lobster, Wowfulls and more! 

Another worthy contender is newcomer – yup, the edible cookie dough spot that's taken over your feed. We can only imagine the lines... although at Gov Ball, they'll still def be more manageable than the insane ones at their downtown storefront.

Also worth mentioning is the amazing Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options available this year! Gov Ball knows you're trying to party, not worry about allergies and fret over what you can and cannot eat. 

But that's not all: there will also be a beer garden featuring Miller Lite family beers, lawn games and hammocks to chill in. Looking for a craft beer to quench your thirst? No worries; they'll also be available on site.


This year's cocktail program will feature Bacardi Tropical Rum Punch, Tito's Pablo Honey, and Don Julio Paloma in their three liquor gardens and all VIP lounges.

Are you ready to get your eat on?!?


Check out their full list of vendors on the Gov Ball website.

[Feature Image Courtesy Tasting Table]