We're all for floating things.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that we're actually living on a floating island ourselves. 

But since we're surrounded by water and have been blessed with beautiful weather these past couple of weeks, it would only make sense to hit up one of the city's popular floating bars. 

Opening for its second season this Thursday, May 4th, The Brooklyn Barge features a full bar aboard an 80 x 30-foot docked barge. And if you're prone to get sea sick, they gotchu with picnic style seating on land.

The bar boasts cocktails that play on summertime favs like the Barg-elata (pilsner, lime, Chamoy hot sauce) and Salty Spotted Chihuahua sloshed with tequila, lemonade, and blueberries.

The food is also on point with easy-to-share food offerings like peel and eat shrimp, grilled and chilled corn in a cup, grilled hot dogs, and tacos.

But the awesomeness at the Barge doesn't stop there. 


In addition to kayaking, sailing, and fishing, the spot offers stand-up paddleboarding and free classes. 

With the average drink price hovering around $10, a maritime adventure here won't set you back too much. 


The Brooklyn Barge is located at 3 Milton, St. Brooklyn and is open 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. daily. 

[Feature Image Courtesy National Geographic] [via Time Out NY]