Although it's not summer just yet, you and your boo should head out to enjoy the spring weather. 

Netflix is fun for a while, but how many episodes of 13 Reasons Why can you possibly make your significant other watch? 

Obviously, cuddling is fun and cozy, but cool stuff are going on outside your apartment. 

Go experience them together! 

Before you two sit for hours lazily looking for fun things to do, check out this quick list of fun dates around NYC. 

1. Become Graffiti Legends


Channel your inner-Banksy on this badass date.

For $30 you can tour Brooklyn learning about glorious graffiti history. After the one-hour history lesson, you and your lover will get a one-hour hands-on graffiti lesson led by real NYC graffiti artists. 


Just don't start spraying your combined tag everywhere. Some people can't accept that graffiti is a dope art-form. 

2. Let Your Snorting-Laugh Free


This is the moment to decide to forget how embarrassing your laugh can be and just let it out. 

At Q.E.D. in Astoria,  you can check out their calendar of super fun events, including open mic night on Fridays at 5 p.m.


Test out your partner's jokes with an entire audience. Maybe, more people find their corny jokes funny other than you.

You can even join the open comedy classes to hone your stand-up skills together. Maybe, start a really adorable comedy duo! 

3. Enjoy Live Music and Games

If you're the type of couple, who enjoys various fun options (literally everyone), Fat Cat is the perfect place for you.

Relax and listen to the live music, like Latin jazz. Or compete in your own pool, pong, shuffleboard or board game matches.

Just don't ruin the night with an argument over who won! 

4. Have a Romantic Picnic


If you just want to get out and enjoy to beautiful weather--that is soon approaching-- have a romantic picnic together in one of NYC's beautiful parks.

Hudson River Park is the perfect combo of park and city/Hudson views. Throughout the summer, the park has a packed schedule of activities ideal for any couple looking to escape their stuffy apartment.


For couples who enjoy snuggling under the stars, you can catch its Hudson River Flicks Series on Wednesday nights at dusk (8 p.m.). The series screens some of the years hottest movies for free plus yummy popcorn.

Thrillist suggests that you pick up one of Dean & Deluca's lined picnic baskets. Fill it with your favorite sandwiches and snacks to share for the night--or don't share because you get each other that way. 

5. Snag Cheap Show Tickets

If you're a couple, who loves musicals and plays, but your wallets can't support the hefty cost of a Broadway hit, the TKTS booth is where you should be.

Head to Times Square--and work together through your frustration with the tourist--to get cheap show tickets at the booth. 

Escape to the wonderful world of Oz or the African savanna at just half the price. And try to belt out your favorite show tunes without getting any other show-goers mad. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]