Can't Hardly Wait: Anthony Bourdain's Insane Food Hall Should Open by 2017

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We've been following Anthony Bourdain's plans to set up an international food hall in a newly renovated Pier 57 pretty closely over the last couple of months.

Located in the renovated Pier 57, just overlooking the Hudson River, the 'Bourdain Market' will feature over 100 international vendors, and even a rooftop beer garden! You can see now why we're so excited.

We've been teased with renderings of the upcoming food hall, and even Bourdain's wishlist of vendors and dishes he'd like to see at the Pier 57 market.

At this point, the only real question we have left on this incredible upcoming project is: when will we actually see it open?

Bourdain was recently featured on the cover of Adweek, along with being named one of the most influential people in food.

In his interview, Bourdain addressed this project, explaining the reasons behind the delays.

The primary reason behind the delays is acquiring the appropriate visas for all the vendors who will be a part of the market.

Bourdain explained that some of the vendors need to be there, and that they will be needing adequate time to be trained.

Not among those reasons was simply, "This is New York. Sh*t gets delayed. All. The. Time."

Overall, Bourdain says, "We've got to get it right." Despite delays, he still hopes to have the food hall up and running by 2017.

anthonybourdain I teach new student @ericripert the fine points of Yu Xiang Rou Si or "fish fragrant pork" to the bemusement of the class. #Chengdu

We're positive that the attention to detail going in to this massive undertaking will be well worth the wait, and we can't wait to see the end result.

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