It goes without saying that movies have been pretty good to this city. Although we just said it, so consider that a reminder.

In a pretty pleasant turn of events, the city’s giving back to the cinema.

Hidrock Properties, owners of The Pavilion Theater, will team up with Nitehawk Cinema to keep the reels running at the Park Slope location.

Gothamist reported that the theater company considered the location sometime after 2006, when Hidrock purchased the space.

Stephen Hidary, COO of Hidrock, told the Times, “We had to decide, do we build condos or do we save Brooklyn? So we saved Brooklyn.”

And everybody was like, “Great thinking, Steve!” Or so we hope, because some affordable housing would be nice, too.

While NYC’s probably good on theater/restaurant/bar combos for now, we’ve got an idea to pitch your way.


What if they did both?

Super-crazy, highly unrealistic, call it what you will. Consider the madness (or hilarity, if you’re thinking about making this into a sitcom) that would be working in the movie theater where you live.


We’re not holding our breath on this one, but we can dream, right? 

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]