Keep Pounding... Beer: 8 Best Bars to Watch the Super Bowl This Sunday in NYC

Planning on catching the Super Bowl this weekend in New York City? Great. We are too.

It's the 50th Super Bowl, and the two teams that will be competing for the title are the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. We could pull for either team. Cam dabbing on everybody and their mother would be great, but Sheriff Manning riding off into the sunset with one more ring isn't bad either.

But we digress. 

Penty of New Yorkers attend Super Bowl parties in NYC apartments. That's a super fun idea, but plenty of other New Yorkers would rather party at a bar on Sunday instead.

Luckily, plenty of NYC bars are privy to New Yorkers' desire to spend the whole day this Sunday eating wings, pouring beers down our throats, and screaming at television screens. 

Of course, there's always the opportunity to stay at home, download the Minibar app, and enjoy the game in a much calmer manner while you get wine, beer, and liquor delivered to your door for free, but Super Bowl Sunday is simply too big to do that. 

Coldplay will perform, clever new commercials will air, and a lot of grown men in pads will try to get a ball across a line before getting tackled and concussed. Read on to find out where the best NYC bars to catch the game are. 

1. Amity Hall (80 West 3rd Street)

amityhall Have you joined the Amity Hall Beer Club yet? Here's more than 20 reasons why you should! #amityhall #beer #craftbeer #taps #uws #greenwichvillage

Given that Amity Hall is the official home of the Carolina Panthers, it's going to be insane on the day of the Super Bowl.

They'll be blasting the game on a 20-foot HDTV, so you can imagine how crazy it's going to get. They'll have a tailgate at 4 p.m. with tons of games and prizes, and a huge party once the game actually begins.


The food at Amity Hall is some of our favorite. We can get wild over the stuffed burgers, flat bread pizzas, and truffle fries any day. 

It's a huge space, but we're still guessing it's going to be packed in there, so call 212-677-2290 for reservations. If you aren't a Panthers fan, go somewhere else. It won't be a good atmosphere for non-Panthers fans.

2. Butterfield 8 (5 East 38th Street)

butterfield8ny A great turn out for a great cause | Thanks to everyone who supported the Kellie Duggan Foundation today! #kelliedugganfoundation #drinkforacause #fundraiser #charity #booze #food #raffles #party #midtown #nyc #butterfield8nyc

Broncos fan? You need to be at the Butterfield 8 Super Bowl Party - it's the official, NFL-recognized Denver Broncos bar of NYC.

They've got plenty of HGTV plasma screens which will provide a crystal-clear view of the game, plus Coldplay's performance, and all the amazing Super Bowl commercials we know will come our way.

At Butterfield 8, they'll put on a pretty wild day-of-the-Super Bowl event, as you might expect. They'll have a $55 unlimited domestic beer and wings option, and a $65 unlimited wings, beer, and well drinks throughout the game.

Who wouldn't want to be able to eat and drink as much as humanly possible while watching their favorite team take on the Panthers? Again - don't come here if you're not a Broncos fan. It won't work.

3. Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue - Brooklyn)

brooklynbowl #SUPERBOWL! Join us at @brooklynbowl for the ultimate #SuperBowlSunday on FEB 7! Enjoy the game on 14 high-definition screens, in full concert sound + food and drink specials all night! #nocover #superbowl50 #gameday #nfl #football #camnewton #peytonmanning #broncos #panthers #brooklyn #brooklynbowl

We thought you should know about the Brooklyn Bowl's Super Bowl party for a couple of reasons. The first, you'll want a place to take out your aggression after watching all that football. Bowling is the perfect way to do that.

The second, well, this Super Bowl party is free, and everyone knows New Yorkers are all about the free stuff scene.


They'll have dozens of HD screens showing the game, full sound blasting from their sound system, and plenty of their famous Blue Ribbon chicken for sale. Plus, of course, all the alcohol you could think of.

The party starts at 6 p.m., and admission is first-come, first-served, so we'd suggest getting there on the earlier side.

4. Village Pourhouse 

villagepourhouse The countdown starts now! Join our Tailgate party for the Big Game, with premium open bar tickets this is a #SundayFunday you can't miss! Click the link in our bio to purchase your tickets today!

Let's just be real about this: Village Pourhouse is definitely one of the most fun bars in the whole city, and certainly the most fun sports bar in the East Village.

Okay, now that we've put that out there, let's talk about their Super Bowl party. They'll have more than 20 HDTVs showing the game, and they'll be having an unlimited open bar.

Yeah, you read that right. With the purchase of your ticket to Pourhouse's Super Bowl party, your drinks will be absolutely unlimited.

This party is for the football fans who want to black out, who don't want to be worried about how many drinks they're buying, and who want to get absolutely wild. Tickets are $100, and you can buy them here.


5. The Meatball Shop (various locations)

meatballers Still looking for Super Bowl plans for Sunday? Make it a Super BALL. 🏈 We're screening the big game at Underballs at Chelsea and at our Williamsburg Shop with $5 @sixpoint pints during the game! Or if you're watching from the couch, pick up a Bucket O' Balls at any of our Shops or GO BIG with Large Order Packaged Goods! (link in bioπŸ‘†)

Didn't expect this one, did you?

We didn't either, but we're surprisingly pumped about it. The Meatball Shop will be having two Super Bowl parties; one on the lower level of their Chelsea location, and another on the lower level of their Williamsburg location.


The best part? There will be free mini Chicken Buffalo meatballs throughout the entirety of the first quarter. We know, we could hardly believe the news when we heard it, too!

They'll also have $4 PBRs all night, which is about as good of a deal as you could find anywhere.

6. Fiddlesticks (56 Greenwich Avenue)

johnnym903 #jonas #stateofemergency #stormjonas #saturdayfunday #fiddlesticks #snowzilla16

This is one of the most fun bars in the West Village, and even in the whole city. Yeah, we mean that. The city is big and has a lot bars, and we're not taking that back.

Fiddlesticks will, as you'd expect, be throwing a Super Bowl party. They'll have $3 beers the whole game, plus wing and menu specials starting at 6 p.m. and continuing for as long as the game lasts.

$3 beer is about as chill as we could imagine, which will sync up perfectly with Fiddlestick's chill vibes. Also, they've got some of the best nachos we've had in the whole city, so there's always that to think about.

7. Sweetwater Social (643 Broadway)

drinksweetwater Mondays are the Sweetest Day: Happy hour specials extended all-night for #MondayNightFootball

This excellent bar will be going all out for the Super Bowl, throwing out an incredible open bar and food package. 

Like, we're talking a feast, including a whole roasted pig, turkey, prime rib, wings, sliders, fries, chips, nachos, and dessert stations. If you're planning to eat hard during the Super Bowl, Sweetwater Social is definitely the place to do it.


They'll also have guaranteed seating, games, contests, shuffle board, foosball, video games, and a photo booth.

We don't really have too much else to say about this party - we feel like it speaks for itself. It's going to be a blast. Email here for reservations. 

8. Threes Brewing (333 Douglass Street - Brooklyn)

threesbrewing Come watch The Big Game next Sunday // Game is being shown on our 12 ft screen // Special food menu by our kitchen partner, @fleishers // Our lineup of craft beer all day // $3 bottles of Miller High + $3 shots (of our excellent well liquors) during the game

Here's what the deal will be at Threes Brewing on Sunday: they'll have the game showing in all its sweaty tackling, passing, punting and blocking on their 12-foot screen.

They'll have a special menu provided by Fleishers Craft Butchery, and a lineup of craft beer all day. Well, from 1 p.m. to 11:59 p.m., which is the duration of the party.

They'll also be passing out $3 bottles of the champagne of beers, Miller High Life, plus $3 shots. If you want to have a really, really good time and get really, really drunk without spending a lot of money, Threes Brewing is probably your move.

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