Avocados have taken over the world. 

And yes, they've even infiltrated our favorite morning caffeine fix. 

Created as a satirical response to an Australian real estate tycoon who claimed that millennials can't afford houses because "they squander all their money on $19 avocado toast and $4 lattes", the "avolatte" was born. 

Truman Café in Melbourne announced the new crazy concoction on Instagram just a couple of weeks ago.

While we all thought it was a prank, apparently it's not. 

The barista first hollows out half the fruit, leaving a thin layer of avocado flesh. They then add espresso and once the espresso is nice and avocado-y, they top it off with frothed milk. 

Truman Café is selling the "avolatte" for the same price as a regular coffee. 


Other than being completely impractical to drink, the "avolatte" has bits of avocado in it. 

We don't know about you, but we think the hipsters have taken it a bit too far this time. 

We're hoping New Yorkers are smart enough to not test it out here, but who knows! I mean, we do have an entire bar dedicated to avocados in Brooklyn...

[Feature Image Courtesy FactRiver] [via Grubstreet]