Did You Know Beverly Hills Hotel's Scandalous Celebrity Hideaway Has Been Reinvented in NYC's Meatpacking District? | spoiled NYC

The Beverly Hills Hotel's Scandalous Celebrity Hideaway Has Now Been Reinvented in NYC's Meatpacking District

What are you doing on Friday night, April 1st

Well, if you're not a fool, you're hanging out with us as we take over No. 8 in the Meatpacking District. Oh, you've never been? 

Famous for its crimes of passion and celebrated scandal, No. 8's namesake (the infamous bungalow of the Beverly Hills Hotel) has translated this reputation of mystery and intrigue to the East coast.

Aptly deemed the "No-Tell Motel" for its discretion, No. 8 is a bi-level restaurant and lounge located in the heart of New York City's thriving Chelsea art district and caters to those who value their privacy.

It stands alone as a unique experience in the context of New York nightlife and culinary enjoyment-- which is why we've decided to throw our first party of 2016 there.



Yeah, so come through-- without worrying about who's watching-- and get loose during one of the most epic April Fool's parties that this city's ever seen. 

Plus, you'd be a fool to miss out on a one-hour open bar brought to you by our good friends over at Tequila Avión and The Hidden Sea Wines. 

Seriously, open bar with tequila and wine? Please and thank you, we're so there. 



Need a little more convincing? How about free stuff? We're giving away our very own sunglasses and some brand spankin' new spoiled NYC t-shirts. 

So instead of staying in on another Friday night, get your tickets here and ensure your spot for a night of debauchery, foolery, and shenanigans-- with a good mix of some free goodies. 

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