Whatever your feelings on the GOP candidate are, people are taking notice of Donald Trump and the many splendid (read: horrible) things he's saying-- even Russia. 

Although Trump has found friends and supporters of his presidential campaign abroad, specifically with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, he seems to have (to say the absolute very least) disappointed legislators closer to home.

Two New York legislators, Senator Daniel Squadron and Assemblyman Charles Lavine, have introduced a plan to change the name of the Donald J. Trump State Park to one honoring Revolutionary War hero, Peter Salem, who many believe converted to Islam. 

The state park was originally imagined as a 436-acre golf course, but after those plans fell through in 2006, Trump donated them. 

The park was closed in 2010 due to lack of funds, and like many of his other previous business failures, has remained abandoned. 

The proposal comes in response to Trump's controversial opinions and plans regarding ISIS, immigrants, Syrian refugees, and the religion of Islam as a whole.


Lavine did not mince words in his open letter to NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo. He states, "[when] demagogues spew hate, it is our national and state responsibility to act because history has taught the painful lesson that inaction enables the merchants of ignorance and hate." 

This isn't the first attempt to rename the state park. A petition was started on Change.org by citizen Andrew Cheung, titled, "Rename the Donald J. Trump State Park to... anything else." The petition, which is still ongoing, has 2,398 of its 2,500 signatures.

joelcanfield777 If the man can't handle a state park, how can he handle AMERICA????

Cheung states, "He has shown himself to be a bigot, and it is embarrassing that the state of New York has a park named after him, which countless citizens must drive by daily." He goes on to state that Trump "is unworthy to be a part of this state's history and identity." 

Trump's behavior on the campaign trail, which has essentially offended anyone who is not a white, Christian, male, have fueled the nickname, "Chaos Candidate," from fellow GOP Candidates. 

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