In New York City people use books in many different ways. You'll see people using books as an excuse to avoid eye contact on the subway, a wedge for an off-kilter coffee table, and, hey, sometimes for its intended purpose: reading.

If you're living with the rest of us in 2016, you've probably used Amazon to buy a book, or forty. It's quick, convenient and you can expect it to come the same day as your toilet paper

But what if you're old school? What if you enjoy browsing for hours on end for your next great read? Well, Amazon is going to help you with that too.

Amazon is set to open up its own bookstore and cafe in the next few years at the new Hudson Yards.

This empire made its mark on the world by delivering books, so this move may come as a big surprise to many. What's even more surprising is that this wouldn't be their first store.

Amazon set up shop in their native state of Seattle last year in a very upscale mall. The project was so far under wraps that it even had a code name: Project Anne.

This bookstore will be Amazon's first on the East Coast, and it looks like they're trying to make their mark on NYC as well. Earlier this year, Amazon threw its chef hat into the massive food delivery fight that's going on as we speak.


Two-day delivery is a big draw for Amazon, and they even stepped that up with a one-hour delivery system using an enormous warehouse to fulfill all the orders.

Now, they want you to experience the euphoria of instantly grabbing your favorite book at their stores.

It also seems that Amazon is planning on more of these bookstores as well. Earlier this year, Sandeep Mathrani, the CEO of General Growth Properties, accidentally let out that more Amazon stores are on the way.


But, if you're really REALLY old school and want to get a book from a place that has weathered many storms and probably has a terrible website made in 2005, why not check out these independent stores that can tell as many stories as they sell.

We hope that Amazon does spread its wings in NYC, but at the same time we hope the little guy isn't muscled out of the city that made them. 

It's like an amazon sometimes. We're just hoping our classic, most beloved bookstore won't be going under.

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[via The New York Post] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]