Alex Revina's Who They See 📷🏳️‍🌈

We featured Alex Revina earlier this year as a New York Face, she’s debuting her project Who They See, with spoiled NYC. 

“I entitled this project “Who They See” because we are not always what society perceives us as.”

Revina inspiration was drawn from real life, after a conversation with a close friend expressing his frustration with having to remove his nail polish at the end of the weekend for his office job as a paralegal. 

Revina found herself torn, “this beautiful vibrant soul that I had known since childhood, was shamed and constrained by the unspoken but stringent social rules of white-collar life. None of which, have anything to do with his capability to fulfill his duties.”


Revina also drew inspiration from her personal life, “being a queer woman who is relatively masculine presenting I was constantly finding myself putting on a mask of hyper-femininity in public spaces to make people around me comfortable.”

In this project, the audience questions perception and truth, embracing the beauty of vulnerability and how we chose to display our beauty outwardly.

“I hope those who view the work feel more of a sense of community through the series. I hope those reading this feel free to be themselves. All raw, complex, and beautiful.”

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