New York Faces: Meet Brooklyn-Based Photographer Alex Eastman 📷😘

After spending a few semesters in college studying film production, Alex Revina left college eager with the desire to keep creating. She began taking pictures as a way to continue to depict short stories in real time. 

Seven years later Alex is now a Brooklyn based portrait photographer. Focusing mostly on the LGBTQ community, her work gives visibility to many of the hidden figures who make this city great. We recently caught up with her and chatted about her New York experience:

Alex Revina

"I would take pictures of people at grungy Bushwick parties and open bars, skate parks... anywhere that people were just chilling and being themselves. I enjoy reflecting honesty and New York is very honest.

The past few years I’ve been working on several studio projects to depict more intimate portraits

New York is one of those places where every moment can tell a story. This is why I️t lends itself to photography in such a captivating way.I relate to the people of New York through this medium [photography]. Living and working here for the past 7 years, I set herself apart by creating safe spaces for her sisters to open up. My biggest goal is to reflect her subjects authentically to the world and most importantly to themselves."

Check out her photo diary below:

Tammy, 28, I moved to NYC from New Orleans to pursue a career in fashion, however being a personal trainer at Equinox has helped me meet so many people and opened a lot of doors.

Christine 26 & Bertie 25; Best friends, Bertie and Christine have been confidants to each other since high school. Growing up in NYC, they found their identities seamlessly.


Laura Pamela, 24, being a Colombian woman from Queens, I walk NYC with pride and confidence.

Zoe, 25, “It feels good as a rapper to know you have your neighborhood behind you. Especially in New York, you know if they fuck with you, the world will.”

Christian, 26, “I travel a lot, I have a nomadic spirit. But I make sure to always be in NYC for the summer."

Pascal, 29, “ This city is my gym which had given way to an intimate relationship between us. Early in the morning, it can feel like New York belongs to only me.”

Michelle, 26, “NYC has made me a straight shooter, there literally is no time for bullshit here. Also three words, bacon. Egg. and cheese.”

HZ, 25, “I grew up in Williamsburg, so my hood looks very different now. Gentrification has made an example of my neighborhood almost.”

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