The Adventure Cafe: Serving Latte's and City Getaways ☕️🚍🏞

There is an obstacle all New Yorkers face at one time or another: finding the means to go on trips outside the city. Sure, we all know of the one park that seems like it’s not in one of the boroughs (although it is) and we all know that one stop along public transportation that’s near a garden.

What if you’re a busy body with a need to explore nature and truly feel transported? Thankfully, Sourced Adventures and the Adventure Cafe are tapping into that, offering convenient escapes from crowded streets, deadlines, and redundancy.

The Adventure Cafe, located at the Delancey stop on the F train is home to one of the Sourced Adventure pickup points. Boasting an amazing drink menu and enthusiastic staff, it is one of the places an attendee can wait to meet their guide and fellow adventurers. It was founded in May of 2015 and has been serving hot coffee and teas to excited travelers since.

Booking one of Sourced Adventures trips allows you to grab a beverage while waiting for a bus that’ll then whisk you off to a portion of the Appalachian mountains or a leg of open waters for kayaking followed by a vineyard tour. If any of this sounds like a dream to you, welcome!

The menu, classic and satisfying, features tasty beverages like Kusmi tea, matcha, and chai as well as an espresso menu and cold brew. If you’re interested in drinks that meld simplicity and thrill, try a Hibiscus latte or the Honey Lavender which features Mai the tour guide’s homemade Lavender syrup. Pop in and sign up for their monthly unlimited drink membership using the CODE: SPOILED to receive $2 off!

Hike & Brewery Excursion Along The Appalachian

One of the most challenging trips Sourced Adventures offers is a Hike and Brewery Excursion Along the Appalachian. This trip meets up at 8 AM at the Adventure Cafe where an experienced guide will brief you on any important information. The hike leads you through extremely lush terrain for a stretch of 2.7 miles including; marshland, a suspension bridge and 400 ft of gentle elevation. 

You wrap up your trip enjoying a complimentary beer and a meal at the brewery that day. The round trip transportation then scoops guests up and heads back to the city, the entire adventure spanning about 9 hours. 9 hours away from the chaos of New York and submerged in green open nature! Think about that!

Poses & Pours! Vineyard Yoga & Wine Tasting

Board the bus with your adventure buddies and guide and escape to Crossing Vineyards and Winery in Pennsylvania, located on a 200-year-old estate. Your ticket includes transportation to and from as well as an hour-long yoga class with a certified instructor. Then relax with a hearty lunch and a tasting session of 8 wines! Yes a scenic, wine bedazzled yoga session is exactly what I need!

Apple Picking Day Trip From New York


It’s the season for apples! Cool air, sweet apples, and the plentiful orchards at Pennings Orchards are waiting for you. This trip features access to the picking grounds and a voucher for up to 10 pounds of apples of your preference. The scenic grounds are free to wander, along with the neighboring Beer Garden, pizza vendor, and Cidery.

These trips are just a few of the seasonally adapted types offered by Sourced Adventures. Visit the Adventure Cafe for a beverage and pastry during your busy week. Their drinks are soothing and unique, along with the friendly staff. Remember to use the CODE: SPOILED for a discount on the UNLIMITED drinks membership. Aside from the Adventure Cafe’s menu, you can learn more about the local or international trips Sourced Adventures offers here, and book yours. If you use CODE: SPOILED10, you will receive $10 OFF any local, NYC Day trip! The first ten readers that book a local day trip with our code will receive a complimentary hot or cold coffee! Live a little and have happy travels! If you can’t spare time to travel away from NYC, find something to uplift your energy in our September Guide!

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