Does your grandmother ask you why you're still single at every family function you go to?

Running out of likes on Tinder and still no sparks yet?

The reason might not be that you haven't found the right person yet.

But you just haven't found the right first date spot. 

According to a new study by the dating app Hinge, going to see a movie or show was 28% more likely to get you a first date than going to a restaurant. (Probz because there's a lot less talking involved...)

Of the 8,000 members that were surveyed, 47% that went on a first date to the park got a second date.

And don't worry, we've gotchu covered with a list of spots most likely and least likely to land you a second date. 


According to those surveyed, these spots were most likely to score you a second date:

The Penrose

Central Park

Good Night Sonny

The Wayland

Dear Irving

These spots were least likely:

The Belfry

Soho House

Pod 39

Little Branch



It's worth mentioning though that your results may vary. 

P.S. While it's not listed here, our booze cruise may just be your perfect first date for this weekend. An open bar and scenic views of the Hudson don't hurt your chances with future bae! 

[Feature Image Courtesy Art Nerd City Guides] [via TimeOut NY]