8 Indoor & Outdoor Date Ideas for Unpredictable March Weather

Aaaah, March. As the old saying goes: In like a lion, out like a lamb. Or as recent NYC weather patterns have shown us, one day it's spring, the next day it's a polar vortex.

This back and forth weather can make planning the perfect date difficult: You've got to be ready for anything.

Luckily this is New York, and as per usual there is no shortage in the variety of indoor or outdoor date ideas certain to impress that certain someone.

Are you and your sporty swole-mate itching to get outdoors and show off your stuff? Don't worry, we gotchu. Are you and your indoorsy boo hanging on to the last few cold, flannel and beanie days as long and as dearly as you can? Don't worry, we gotchu.

Also, who knew there were so many dope holidays to celebrate in March? I mean obviously there's St. Patrick's Day, but there is also a ton of stuff going down for Women's Month and Holi, the Hindu festival of colors and LOOOOOOOVE ;).

Get out there love birds!

1. Play a Drinking Game!


There's no better way to break the ice than getting your buzz on!

Littlefield in Brooklyn hosts a hilarious monthly event, where actors perform a live staged reading of your favorite cult classic 80's flicks and turns them into a drinking game! The actors are also in on the game, so things are bound to get a lil' wacky.


This month, it's everyone's favorite hooky-artist, Ferris Bueller! Grab your Sloane and some tickets, this month's show is Thursday March 16th at 8pm.

2. Celebrate Women's History Month!


Personally, we think every day is Women's Day, but March is Women's History Month and there are so many ways to celebrate!

Why not grab your art-loving, woke bae and head to The Met? The Badass Bitches guided tour by Museum hack will focus on the museum's female artists, and is sure to be a good time, I mean... Look at the name.

You can also catch the tail end of New York Feminist Film Week! Check out the remaining screenings on their site.

3. Become a Graffiti Artist!


Take advantage of a nice day this month to channel your secret dream of being a badass graffiti artist a la Shaolin Fantastic from 'The Get Down'.

For just $30 you can get a one hour walking tour of Brooklyn's graffiti history, followed by a one hour hands on graffiti lesson led by real life NYC graffiti artists.

Just try not to spray paint a bunch of hearts the whole time, ya crazy love birds.

4. Sip Some Coffee & Tea!

Whether you and bae are coffee or tea snobs, this is the festival for you.

Coming to Brooklyn Expo March 18th-19th, it's the 12th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival!

75+ vendors will be offering samples, demonstrations, seminars, pairings, and tastings certain to delight any caffeine lover. Who knows, maybe you and your sweetie will learn enough to finally run off to Maine and open your own cute little coffee shop?

5. Get Colorful For Holi!

Holi is the Hindu spring festival known as the "festival of colors" AND the "festival of love". Awwww, how romantic!

Celebrate with your boo at a giant Holi dance party at Stage 48, this Saturday March 11th, and Saturday March 18th. Holi is traditionally a day long street festival, so it's a day time dance party, 12pm to 7pm!

Wearing all white is required because the festival of colors is celebrated quite literally—Party goers are going to get covered in colorful powders!! Heard of the Color Run? Yeah, this is where they appropriated the idea from.

Get your tickets because this is definitely going to sell out soon!

6. Laugh Like A Leprechaun!


Turns out there are way more holidays to celebrate in March than we realized. Sorry if we ever doubted your awesome-ness, March.

The most obvious one is douche-bag awareness day, we mean... St. Patrick's Day! We all know that there are plenty of day-drinking, bar-hopping, parade-going options for you and your squad, but how can you celebrate with your side piece?

We recommend heading to QED in Astoria for 'Laugh of the Irish': a St. Patrick's themed stand up show featuring Irish comedians! March 17th at 9:30pm.

Make a whole night of it and grab a fancy cocktail at one of Queens' many fancy cocktail bars before the show to get your funny bone buzz on.

7. Rock Climb!


If you and your date are looking for something a little more adventurous and hands on for date day, why not check out one of New York's many dope rock climbing gyms!

Even though recent warm weather would lead us to believe our favorite outdoor climbing spots should be open by now, Dumbo Bouldering is still elusively 'closed until spring' :'( .

But it's okay! You can practice at the just as dope, indoor Brooklyn Boulders until then! 

If you're new to bouldering, they've got plenty of evening week night and daytime weekend intro to climbing lessons, so you don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of your date.

8. Hit Some Golf Balls!

If you're lucky enough to find yourself with some beautiful weather, grab your polo shirts, a bucket of balls, and your sporty bb, and head to the driving range! 

Many of you are probably thinking, 'Ummm, no thanks. I don't want to leave Manhattan.' WELL GUESS WHAT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO. 


The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers is Manhattan's only outdoor driving range, where you can whack an unlimited supply of golf balls into the scenic Hudson River at your heart's content!

If the weather isn't so nice, but you still want to work on your pro swing, you can head inside to The Players Room, which boasts two full swing golf simulators, and is perfect for a group date. 

You can also take lessons with pro-golfers, in case you need to brush up before springtime golf outings for work. #ImpressTheBoss.

[Feature Image Courtesy examresultz] 

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