All right, guys. You've had your Summer fun but it's time to get f*cking serious (or as serious as we can get with our generation's crippling fear of commitment, hahaha, I'm going to die alone).

The temperature's dropping, the leaves are falling, and the cuffs are coming on.

It's a little known fact that sweater weather coincides with cuffing season because– do we actually have to explain how rotating a wardrobe of knitted potato sacks is basically writing "Closed For Business" in sharpie on your forehead?

Here's the thing though, the hot, sweaty summer might've given you temporary amnesia but dating, especially Fall dating, can be fun AF. 

Taking in the fall foliage on the Central Park Mall while holding hands (it only counts if you're wearing plaid shirts), cuddling on the couch and fighting over what to watch on Netflix...

All right, that sounds terrible but here's a bunch of stuff that's actually cool, we swear.

Apple Picking


Was there any way this wouldn't be on the list? Of course not. But everyone knows that if you don't go apple picking (and Instagram it), you basically are in a fake relationship. There are a ton of places to go just outside of NYC and most of them are just a quick train ride away. 


Try checking out Applewood Orchards, in Warwick, New York– just a little over an hour out of the city. There's no admission or parking fees and select weekends, they also have Pumpkin picking. They're open 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. daily until late October.

Baijiu Happy Hour at Lumos (90 West Houston Street)


Oh, what's Baijiu? It's misunderstood. It's a liquor straight outta China that packs a mean punch, but, if done right, can be absurdly delicious. And that's exactly what Lumos does. Not only do they serve Baijiu straight-up, but they mix it perfectly in completely amazing fresh cocktails. 

And Thursday, October 13th, starting at 6:30 p.m., we're teaming up for an epic happy "hour" where you can taste their new fall menu and start planning an epically unique holiday party. 

Oh, and it's free to RSVP! And if you show up before 8:00 p.m. you get a free glass of a mindblowingly delicious Baijiu punch, Otono, that's got all of the warm fuzzies of an apple cider. Again, RSVP for free! Right here! See you there! 

The Museum of Moving Image

Going on dates to museums is great, especially if you suggest it, because you're always going to look smart and cultured and sh*t. The Museum of Moving Image in Astoria is always a good idea because it's actually a super fun place to explore.

Until October 23rd, they're exhibiting Arcade Classics: Video Games From the Collection which features over 30 playable games released between 1971 and 1993. 

While video arcade games is obviously no longer a thriving industry, they're beginnings were the grounds for innovation and experimentation that informed the video games we play today.

Challenge your boo to classic games like Mortal Kombat, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Star Wars. This is also a super easy litmus test to see if they're waaay too competitive to keep around #protip.



How could you not take advantage of the froth-filled celebrations going down all over the city? There's even an Oktoberfest celebration going down in DUMBO until the 8th, if you need some last minute plans.

If you can't find your lederhosen, your fall-iest flannel will have to do– and if your sweetie doesn't like beer, well, now you can dodge that bullet.

Boroughs of the Dead


There's a reason watching horror movies is such a couple cliché but seriously, when was the last time a good horror movie hit theaters? And haunted houses are so passé. If you're looking for a seriously spooky Halloween date, check out these "strange, dark, and unusual" walking tours of NYC. 

So far, they have walking tours in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, exploring cemeteries, ghost stories, and other oddities in the boroughs. A few of them include, "The Magic & Mysticism of Central Park," "Haunted Histories & Legends of Astoria," and "Haunted Brooklyn Heights." 

Check out a full list of dates and to purchase tickets on their website.

Brew At The Zoo


Join the Bronx Zoo at the first-ever Brew at The Zoo on October 29th, where you and your date will get to sample 100 varieties of beer samples from over 40 craft breweries. There will also be popular NYC food vendors there including Luke's Lobster, Wafels & Dinges, and local Arthur Avenue restaurants.

You guys'll also get to view a select number of exhibits, such as the sea lion pool (which is really all that matters), World of Reptiles, and Madagascar! to the live soundtrack of the DJs that'll be spinning beats all night.

For this one, you definitely also have to break out a couples costume for their Halloween costume contest. Grab a pair of tickets for Brew at The Zoo here.

Dessert Goals


Have you not heard of Dessert Goals yet? Where have you been?! NYC's first dessert festival (crazy, right?) sounds like it's gonna be total #DateGoals too.

They’ll be selling sweet treats, with an average price point of $5 per dessert, from 20 vendors. The first round-up includes Boba Guys and Baba Cool beverages like bubble tea, Hong Kong egg waffles from Wowfulls, ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery, and artisanal twinkies (um, yes pls) from Jae NYC Eats.


Also look out for specials and new creations from Mini Melanie, Mochidoki, and Macaron Parlour. There will also be rooftop lounge access and a photo booth with available printouts for you and your bae to then take iPhone pictures of for Insta.

See if there are still a couple of tickets left here.

Take a Cooking Class


If you and your boo thang (Can you tell we've run out of gender neutral options for significant other?) are already at the stage of your relationship where you're hanging out in each other's apartments instead of going on full on date-y dates, a cooking class is the perfect thing to switch things up.

It's a super fun day/night out and also leads to the super adorbz experience that is going grocery shopping, and preparing a meal together. Check out our list for some options, including Wine & Cheese 101, brunch basics, sushi & sake, handmade pasta, and more.

[Feature Image Courtesy Pictilio]