8 Amazing Things Happening in NYC This Weekend

So we've finally been hit with good weather! 

But knowing the supernatural weather patterns of this city, we'll probz drop back down to freezing temps on Monday. 

Which is why it's so important to seize the day, er weekend. 

Carpe diem, folks. 

Don't know what the hell to do with this glorious weekend? Say no more, fam. 

Friday, April 7th

1. First Fridays at The Frick Collection (1 East 70th Street)


Who said you have to spend Friday nights bar hopping? The Frick Museum offers free admission the first Friday of each month. Enjoy gallery talks, music performances, sketching, or just take a good ol' stroll through the exhibits. Make sure to get there early though since it's first come, first serve. 

2. Quiet Clubbing White Party (2919 24th Ave, Astoria)


Back in the day, we'd all have to listen to the same shit. And that meant that your Nas worshipping, hip-hop-loving boo would be out of place at that EDM show you were dying to see. 


But now, we live in a new day and age; a beautiful world where you can listen to three different DJs with music from three different genres. If you haven't been to a quiet clubbing event yet, you may not understand the hype. It's all well-deserved though, trust us. 

Tonight's party is gonna be lit. Buy your tickets here and save yourself $5 at the door. 

Saturday, April 8th

3. LIC Flea and Food Opening Weekend (5-25 46th Ave, Long Island City)


Time to come out of hibernation friends! Flea market season is upon us. And Queens' crown jewel, LIC Flea and Food, is opening this weekend. If you just don't know what to do with your tax refund (hint: send it my way), you can blow it all on delicious food and affordable steals. 

4. "In Dreams" Art Show Tribute to David Lynch (210 Rivington St)

It's rumored that David Lynch smokes two packs of American Spirits a day and preaches about learning how to breathe better through meditation. That's probably something we won't ever fully understand...kinda like his movies. Catch this art show tribute to his works this weekend. 

5. Boozin' Through the 90s Bar Crawl (233 E 14th St)

Ah, the 90s. What a magical time that was. Grunge was born, MTV actually played music, and we all had furbys. Remember when you wanted to use the internet you had to yell at your little brother to get off the phone? 

Good times. 

If you're just as psyched about being a 90s kid as us, you need to be at this bar crawl Saturday. You'll get to listen to classics like the Backstreet Boys and enjoy 20-35% off food and drinks. We're pretty sure it's gonna be all that and a bag of chips.

Sunday, April 9th

6. MoMA PS1's Spring Open House (22-25 Jackson Ave, Queens)


By now, you've probably already taken a visit to MoMA. But how about MoMA PS1 in Queens? There's no better time to explore this gem than this Sunday for their Spring Open House.

7. The Bloody Mary Festival (263 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn)


Remember that urban legend your friends would tell you as a kid? If you go into your bathroom with the lights off and recite "Bloody Mary" three times to the mirror, she will appear the way she looked after she left the bar and got into a horrible car accident and kill ya! 


Okay so, while that probably isn't true, the fact that there's a Bloody Mary Festival going down this weekend is. You'll be enjoying 3 hours of ten of Brooklyn's most creative and innovative Bloody Marys. Pretty sweet. Or savory I guess...

8. Coney Island Opening Weekend (1000 Surf Ave, Brooklyn)


‘Tis the season for wooden coasters and corn dogs! Coney Island re-opens for the season this weekend! After the annual ribbon cutting ceremony at 11am, the first 97 people in line will get to ride the Wonder Wheel for free, to honor the ferris wheel’s 97th birthday! 

If you’re not an early bird you can still get some free egg cream samples, or check out the free Coney Island History Project.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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