Because May's National Burger Month: 7 Best Burgers in Brooklyn

May is National Burger Month, which means you can eat all the burgers you want, sans calories. 

Okay, so that's not true, but it'd be absolutely wonderful if it was. Regardless, we're still more than willing to accept the fact that we'll never achieve model figure status due to an undying burger obsession. 

So where can you stuff your face with juicy, meaty burgers in Brooklyn? 

These are the absolute best burgers for carnivores in the BK. Trust us, we're experts. 

Check out these incredibly delicious combinations of beef, creativity, and dedication:

Lot 2 (687 6th Avenue)


The "Creekstone Farms beef burger" from Lot 2 is one of those gems that you constantly crave whenever anyone mentions burgers. It comes topped with cheddar cheese and pickles, and is served with duck fat fries. 


What are duck fat fries? Essentially, they're regular potato french fries, fried in duck fat. Why? Because duck fat is delicious, and duck fat french fries are infinitely better than typical old french fries. 

Two 8 Two (282 Atlantic Avenue)


When you're ordering a burger, your choice of toppings are just as important as the meat itself. So what happens when you combine your meat with your toppings? Then you'd have a delicious "50/50 Burger" from Two 8 Two

It's made with 50% beef and 50% applewood smoked bacon, topped with roasted poblano chiles, cheddar cheese, and two8two sauce. The fat from the bacon complements the beef and takes this burger over the top. 

Landhaus (various locations)


This Smorgasburg favorite is a must for burger fanatic, once you get over the thick-cut, maple-soaked bacon on a stick. 


Their burger is made with creekstone beef, topped with haus sauce, american cheese, lettuce, onion, and tomato. To take it to the next level, add 1h bacon or crispy bacon for only $2 more.  Just be sure to get and order of the fried pickles, or you'll seriously miss out. 

Frites 'n' Meats (483 Grand Street)


When you're at Frites 'n' Meats, you can be assured that your burger is going to be phenominal. Why? Because you create it yourself. 

Their beef is incredible (especially the wagyu beef patties). You have four options of beef, three options of bun, five options of cheese, and a plethora of toppings. 

Best part yet? They have a food truck, where you can order your burger on the go. 


Umami Burger (158 North 4th Street)


Umami Burger is quite possibly the best burger you will ever eat in your life. 


Don't believe us? Check out when we tried the "Alton Burger." No burger will ever live up to the exceptionally high standard that the "Alton Burger" left.

Korzo (667 5th Avenue)


Deep. fried. burger. Yea, that's a thing now, and it's happening at Korzo. What is it? Their original burger is a beef blend with apple-smoked bacon, Allgauer Emmentaller cheese, house-made mustard, and a pickle, all wrapped up and fried... also known as the most delicious thing you will put in your mouth. 

Not a fan? Try the "Chef" burger, with "blue label" dry aged ground steak blend, monterey jack, smoked berkshire bacon, cognac-spiked berry gastrique, and spicy Hungarian peppers. Heaven. 

Juniper (112 Berry Street)


Love burgers and spice? Great, head to Juniper and try their "Fire Breathing Burger" complete with ghost peppers, sriracha aioli, and pepper jack cheese. All of their burgers are made with Pat LaFrieda special blend and served on brioche, with a side of hand cut fries. 


Too spicy for ya? Try the "Big Blue" with cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, tempura onion rings, homemade blue cheese dressing. 

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