6 Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Procrastinating Romantic in All of Us

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Valentine's Day is in less than a week, people. Hopefully, you've already made dinner reservations or planned something equally cute, but you may have yet to purchase that extra special gift for your extra special someone.

If you're like me, you always have the perfect gift ideasβ€” until the actual time for gifting rolls around you go completely and totally blank.

Plus there's the added pressure of getting something cool, that your boo will actually like.

V-Day is almost here, and you best not let your significant other out-Leslie-Knope you when it comes to gift giving.

Don't worry you lil' love birds. We've done some research and put together a list of gifts that will make your millenial #mcm or #wcw fall in love with you all over again.

Gift receipts not included.

1. Vinyl Me, Please

vinylmeplease Our #vinylmeplease exclusive of Jim James 'Eternally Even' on neon pink vinyl. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ @removador #vinyl #vinyljunkie #vinylcollection #vinyligclub #vinylcollector

Beef up bae's record collection with this dope AF monthly subscription to Vinyl Me, Please.

There are a few different subscription packages, but for $100 gets you three months, and $25 in store credit. Every month your sweetie will get an album, a print, and a cocktail recipe.

Help them find that cool new band before anyone else has heard of it.

2. An extravagant dinner... at a steakhouse?!

lincolnsquaresteak Are you celebrating a special occasion? Ask for our private rooms to events@lincolnsquaresteak.com or call 212-875-8600. #Booking #nyc #manhattan #private #party #room #steakhouse #exclusive

We know, we know, we know. A dinner at a steakhouse? How stupidly unflattering can you get? Every woman wants steak, obviously. That's why steakhouses are frequented primarily by women (LOL, sorry. Can't even pretend to go on like that). 

Lincoln Square Steak and Club A Steakhouse both deviate from the stereotypical β€œboy’s club” steakhouse, while providing impeccable food and quality service that surpasses even the most pretentious steakhouses in New York City, yet doing so with grace and class.

Have you ever thought of a steakhouse as the perfect date night? Probably not, as most steakhouses don’t necessarily cater to the romance aspect of a date.

This Valentine’s Day, hit up their three-course dinner where you can savor small plates like Sizzling Canadian Bacon, Steak Tartare, or even some perfectly fried Calamari. 

But uh, save room for the real meat of it with your choice of seafood, half roasted chicken, hanger steak, Filet Mignon, or NY Strip. Pair that with a side of their decadent five cheese truffle mac, garlic fries, creamed spinach, or potato puree.

AND THEN save room for a dessert platter and champagne toast. Book your table right hereeee! Oh, and heading to the Upper East Side? Hit up Club A Steakhouse. right here. 

3. Happy Goon Cards

happy_goon Only 1 week from the official launch of our #kickstarter campaign! #HappyGoon #Startup

Let's face it, you're way too cool to get your boo a basic Hallmark card for V-Day.

The future of greeting cards has arrived with Happy Goon!

These adorable cards are more than they appear... Once you download the app and hold your phone up to your card, they come to life! You have to see it to believe it, but they're pretty freaking cool.

4. Tasting Room Wine Club

tastingroomwine When it's Friday morning, but you're already dreaming about the #weekend... πŸ”₯πŸ·πŸ·β € How perfect is this #cozy setup by @drpmcook?! β € ------------------β € #tastingroom #tastingroomwine #wine #redwine #whitewine #wineclub #subscriptionbox #winetasting #winelovers #winter #happyhour #weekendplans #friyay #wineweekend #fireplace #drinkwinesmarter #regram

Ugh we can't get enough of these subscription giftsβ€”they're the gift that keeps on giving...monthly.

Tasting Room is a monthly wine subscription that helps you figure out your favorite wines because let's be honest, no one really knows what they're talking about when it comes to wine, (unless you're a sommelier, in which case come to our next dinner party PLZ).

They'll send you six lil bottles to taste and rate, and then they send you full size bottles that match your ideal taste! Each month you keep rating the wine and the selections keep improving.

This may be a gift for that special wine-o in your life, but more wine around the apartment if a win for everyone.

5. Bindle & Keep

bindleandkeep Sarah Bender and family. πŸ“· @divadstudios - @sibends @stephiehub

Nothing is sexier than suiting up. Take it from Barney.

Bindle & Keep are hip clothiers who pride themselves on helping New Yorkers create custom, perfectly fitting, one-of-a-kind suits, with a fun and friendly tailoring experience.

They want to help clients create the suit of their DREAMS, so much so that they encourage you to show up with a suit vision board to your fitting session. #pinterestplease

Help transform your boo into a jazz piano-playing Ryan Gosling with their very own sleek, fitted suit... or better yet, BOTH get custom-tailored suits, then head out for classiest effin V-Day of all time.

6. Chatbooks

chatbooks Become a member of our brand new REWARDS CLUB and get lots of perks!Β Here's how:Β  1. Refer your friends to Chatbooks 2. Five friends subscribe to their Series Books 3. Hey now, you're an All-Star! Wanna see all the perks? Go to chatbooks.com/all-stars to see all the goodies you get (including a welcome box with Chatbooks swag!)

Remember that viral video from a few months ago, with the crazy mom taking a bath fully clothed?

If you don't, look it up, if you do, CHATBOOKS IS ACTUALLY DOPE AF YOU GUYS.

Such a cool idea and so freakin' cheap. If your schmoopie pie is a professional instagrammer with like, no time, you can set them up with Chatbooks, and for just $8, they can get a beautiful, shiny, 60-page photo book of all the fancy photos right off their phone!

And if they love it (which they will), they can set up the app on their phone to take the top 60 pics from their insta, facebook, or favorites on their camera roll, and have a new book shipped to them any time.

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