6 Adorable Date Ideas For Finding Love in NYC This April

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring the season of luuuurve. 

Spring is one of the most romantic seasons here in New York City!

Whether you're staying locked with your cuff season boo thang, or looking for the bee for your daffodil, April is full of adorable, springtime date ideas.

Impress your sweetie by taking them to a floating concert, or to a secret burger joint hidden inside a fancy hotel. 

Or down that Zyrtec and take in the beautiful blooms at the New York Botanical Garden! Or inside the Macy's?! It's a flower takeover this month.

The point is, you're dateable AF, and you deserve to go on dates that are dope AF this month.

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1. Meet someone new


First things first, you need someone to go on a date with, AMIRITE?! Luckily spring is the perfect season to fall in love, as people are finally emerging from their winter cocoons and ready to hit the town with a new sweetie.

Impress your future bae with your killer dance moves at Liberty Hall in the Ace Hotel on April 29th at 8pm! DJ plus cocktails equals perfect recipe for finding looooove. 

But. You gotta be a member of The Inner Circle. So... apply today

2. Grab a burger


Nothing brings people together like a good 'ol fashioned burger and fries! Impress your date by bringing them to the secret, no frills burger joint, hidden inside the Parker Meridien

They'll think you're super fancy when you head into the upscale, Central Park adjacent hotel, then realize how cool and down to earth you are when you take them to the cash-only burger counter.

Or you can actually be fancy and snag a reservation at Parker Meridien's bougie and delicious Indian Accent restaurant.

If you forget to hit the ATM you can always go to Shake Shack. Everyone loves Shake Shack.

3. Listen to the music


Jump start festival season with your boo thang and catch some concerts this April! Take in some beautiful classical music while you take in some beautiful views at Bargemusic, the floating concert hall! 

Since 1977, you can enjoy chamber music on an actual floating barge, parked next to the Brooklyn Bridge with stunning views of the East River and Lower Manhattan skyline. Could you ask for a more romantic evening?

If you're looking for a more casual concert going experience, hit up the 9th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival at the end of the month, at venues throughout Brooklyn! 3 days, and 40+ bands, workshops, film screenings, and the world famous banjo toss contest!

4. Take in the city of stars


You may think there is too much light pollution in the city to truly stargaze, but every Tuesday starting this month through October, you can head to the Highline and peer through high-powered telescopes provided by the knowledgeable members of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York to see rare celestial sights. 

And it's free! Enjoy a romantic stroll along the park at dusk, then spend some time searching for UFOs.

'Tis the season for rooftop bars, and we love The Delancey in LES. Gaze up at whatever 2 or 3 stars you can see with the human eye while sipping some swanky cocktails with your sweetie.

5. Embrace your inner flower child


If you've screwed up recently and need to smooth things over with your significant other, flowers and wine are always the answer. 

But let's say you've REALLY screwed up—like forgot their birthday, screwed up—you're gonna need a lot of wine and a lot of flowers.

So head to the Daffodil and Wine Weekend

Happening April 29th and 30th at the New York Botanical Garden, you can stroll through the grounds taking in the eagerly anticipated bloom of over 300,000 newly planted daffodil bulbs, while enjoying a selection of palate-pleasing wines from New York and beyond. Soon, you'll both forget why anyone was mad in the first place (hopefully)!

Also get to the Botanical Garden ASAP to catch the tail end of the stunning Orchid Show, now through April 9th! The Macy's Flower show is also happening now until April 9th, and makes for a great allergy inducing shopping spree date. Bring your own tissues.

6. Blow off some steam

Feelin' hot and bothered? Blow off some steam on a somewhat unconventional date... At a shooting range! The Westside Rifle & Pistol Range is a full service shooting range with rentals and classes for whatever level experience you may have. 

It's conveniently located in Flatiron, so you can easily grab drinks before or after...Or head straight home if all that firepower puts you in the mood ;) .

Not a gun nut? Whack some balls instead! Ping pong balls, that is. SPiN is a ping pong centric bar/club dedicated to all things, well, ping pong! Nothin' says flirty like a little good 'ol fashioned competition. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Flatiron District] 

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