If you’re sick of winter already and want more warm weather like this weekend, you should head to the New York Botanical Garden asap.

Why? Because things are bloomin' up there. 

The 15th Annual Orchid Show is open! Now New Yorkers don’t have to wait for Spring flowers.

According to TimeOut NY, the show itself will be open from now until April 9th, 2017. 

This year’s theme is Thailand, which already has us pumped for the tropics and feeling of warmth. Thailand is currently home to more than 1,200 native orchid species. 

Yeah, we know that's quite a bit. Over the last century, it has become the leading exporter of cultivated tropical orchids in the world. Native and hybrid orchids alike have become synonymous with the nation.

We highly recommend upping your Instagram game with a few shots of the Vanda orchids and definitely stick around for the other activities; cocktails, Thai dance performances, and live music are available on select nights.


Plus if you want to bring that spring-time magic back into your apartment, you can adopt one orchid of your very own. 

So stop by the New York Botanical Garden at 2900 Southern Blvd, and check out the Enid A. Haupt Observatory to glimpse some blooming arrivals! 


Tickets are 20$, and you can buy them here.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy NYBG]