5 Things You Absolutely Must Add to Your Brooklyn Bucket List This Spring

Spring has sprung (or is about to) in the hippest place on Earth. What's a cool kid to do? We've got some ideas.

Personally, as soon as the weather gets warmer we just want to get outside as soon as, and as much as possible.

That's why you'll notice most of our bucket list ideas are outdoor activities. From flea markets to kayaking to planning the perfect picnic, spring is meant to be spent outdoors.

I mean so is summer, but come on, we all know some brutal NYC days are just way too hot to be outdoors. You gotta get some quality outdoors time in before the hot trash aroma gets to be too much, nah mean?

Whether or not you are a Brooklyn dweller, the borough is full of things worth adding to your bucket list, and we promise they're worth taking your beanie off for (Or keep it on! Do you <3).

1. Become a flea market flipper


Every Brooklynite knows that no apartment is complete without an adorable assortment of antique tchotchkes and a fully vintage wardrobe. 

So thank goddess that spring is the start of flea market season! Check out Brooklyn Flea, relocating to East River Park to team up with Smorgasburg on Saturdays, and sticking at the DUMBO location on Sundays. 

If you're more of a night owl hit up the Brooklyn Bazaar, which is basically a night-time flea market meets a big 'ol karaoke dance party.

2. Unleash your sporty side!


Not to stereotype, but if you live in Brooklyn, you're probably not into traditional sports.

But that doesn't mean you don't want to enjoy the warm weather and unleash your inner athlete with your friends! Why not join some "alternative" social sport teams, like bocce ball or beach volleyball? You could also recruit your squad and submit a team to the famous Brooklyn Kickball League.

If team sports aren't your thing, head to Brooklyn Bridge Park and rent some kayaks, or try your hand at bouldering at the outdoor DUMBO Boulders.

3. Get your drank on!


We don't need an excuse to drink, but the arrival of warm weather is definitely always a great excuse.

There are a few special events going down this spring worth checking out. Like the Bloody Mary Festival on April 10th, featuring 3 hours worth of the borough's most interesting and innovative takes on the brunch classic, live music, a bagel bar, cheese station, and more! Or Edible magazine's Brooklyn Uncorked, a celebration of the best of local, national, and international wines.

Let's not forget that spring is also Cinco de Mayo season, and Brooklyn has no shortage of options for a super authentic, super delicious celebratory margarita. We recommend FondaMesa Coyoacan, and La Loba Cantina.

4. Plan a picnic!


Brooklyn is blessed with a plethora of adorable parks, and spring is the perfect time to get out there and celebrate them.

We don't know about you, but the first warm day of spring we get we're calling up the squad and planning a cute lil' picnic party! Prospect Park obviously comes to mind, especially if we're in the mood for a barbecue.

If you're feeling too lazy to prepare or bring your own foods, hit up Smorgasburg on Saturdays at the East River State Park, or the brand new Luke Lobster's in Brooklyn Bridge Park! Just be sure to clean up after yourself. No one likes a litter bug.

5. Go For A Bike Ride!


Again, not to stereotype, but if you live in Brooklyn you probably already own a bike. If not, spring is the perfect time to get a Citi Bike membership!

There are too many great bike rides to take in and around the borough not to go for a spin on a beautiful day! Biking across the Brooklyn Bridge is an obvious classic.

We're super amped because Governor's Island is opening a month earlier than usual this year, on May 1st! If you've never biked around the BK adjacent island before, you must must must add this to your springtime bucket list. It's also another great place to rent kayaks, FYI.

[Feature Image Courtesy Brokelyn] 

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