New Yorkers, we know you just want to shop in peace.

We too are sick of tourists amazed by skyscrapers, taking thousands of pictures of NYC taxi cabs, while interrupting your tunnel vision journey to the next store.

Sneak away to the best shops and boutiques in NYC filled with one of a kind treasures that no tourist will even think of stepping foot in. 

There's much more to NYC than just designer stores and infamous cobblestone streets. For example, you can head over to the East Village, known for having the most thrift shops in NYC and score vintage pieces or cheap designer gear while your time in the city. 

But it doesn't stop there. Here are the best thrift shops and boutiques known for having the best sh*t, without the crowds.

1. No Relation (204 1st Avenue)

Save those high-waisted jeans for your winter boots and get some cheap shorts here! 


90's Levis, Calvin Klein, and more designers, that are way to overpriced for us to afford at normal prices, are all stashed away for reasonable prices.

2. AuH2O (84 East 7th St)

Let's cheer for the best under $10 sweater racks in the entire East Village! 

Come out and splurge $50, why don't ya! With a selection of gems, just waiting for shopaholics everywhere to purchase, AuH2O is perfect when you're in the mood to overhaul your wardrobe.

3. Mr. Throwback (428 E 9th Street)


Looking for that perfect gift for yo' man? Find his favorite sports team's jersey at Mr. Throwback. 

It's known for having the flyest jerseys in the East Village, from old teams, to the flyest of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air getups.

4. Angela Vintage Boutique (26 2nd Avenue)


Whether you're going to a Gatsby-themed party, or you simply want a classy old-fashioned gown to prance around the house, Angela's Vintage Boutique is the place for you! 


Filled with unique wool coats and colorful faux furs, this small boutique will have everyone in the room questioning where you got your outfit from.

5. Vintage Thrift Shop (286 3rd Avenue)


Yes you've finally got the opportunity to afford NYC rent and live on your own!

Sucks now that you have your own apartment, but you're now stuck with no furniture. But have no fear, thrifted furniture is here! 

We're not saying grab the first couch you see in the back of a dumpster, but a lamp for 10 bucks doesn't seem like a bad deal at all. Statement couches and wall art is something that we couldn't live without, so why not get it for cheap?

[Feature Image Courtesy My Vintage Love]