MePa's Cobblestone Streets Are Finally Getting a Facelift

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Who doesn't love a good cobblestone path to walk on?

If you're not sporting a pair of stilettos of course...

The cobblestone streets of the Meatpacking District are a real throwback to NYC's historic past. 

But according to TimeOut NY, they're due for getting a facelift. 

It's about time. Those cobblestones may be pretty to look at, but by now they've ruined enough tires and caused too many drunk girls to fall. 

Funds from a $15.4 million restoration project will be going towards the work.

Most of that money will be set aside to fix the water mains and drainage issues on West 12th, 13th, and 14th streets. 

While they're there, the project will also take on the cobblestones. 

They plan on using as many of the original cobblestones as possible and will be adhering to strict guidelines for the new ones so that the old look won't change too much. 

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Here's to making it home without bleeding kneecaps! 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Pinterest] [via TimeOut NY]