ICYMI, our pride parade is this weekend, and we are HYPE.

Pretty tough to name one distinct leader for a group of thousands, but hey; this is NYC. Anything's possible. 

Like every other year, a group of motorcycle riders will signify the start of the parade with sirens and rainbows of color. 

But this year, following the motorcyclists will be a few groups of social justice activists, as reported by TimeOut NY

Three of these advocacy groups are ACT UP, Gays Against Guns, and Rise and Resist.

Specifically, some members of both the LGBTQ community and the law enforcement community will be participating in the march. 

Trans activist and NYC firefighter, Brooke Guinan, will be this year's grand marshal for the march. 


Even cooler than that, is her being the first-ever NYFD firefighter. 

So it's pretty safe to say this year's Pride march is going to be extra sizzling and full of life. 


We can't wait! See you there, New Yorkers! 

[Feature Image Courtesy FotoFilip] [via Time Out New York] 

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