Living in New York City-- all expenses aside --has its perks: everything you need is just about everywhere. 

Food is a quick walk away, the cultural epicenter of the world is just a quick ride away, and anything from food & liquor to a box of treats for your dogs can be delivered right to your home. With so many choices and opportunities, we have the luxury of finding a quick replacement for a bad experience. 

Still, when we're not spending money in seemingly wasteful ways, we're spending an inordinate amount of time waiting around for the things we need. Like prescriptions. 

It's bad enough that the state of healthcare in the U.S. takes huge chunks of our hard-earned money for the medications themselves. 


Factor in the time spent standing around in a pharmacy simply waiting to hand over that money? It adds up. No matter what insurance you have, nobody seems to know how to cut out the extra cost of the time required of you.

Now there's a solution. ZipDrug

ZipDrug picks up and delivers your medications right to your door. They pick up from any pharmacy (yours included), deliver it to you, and even let you pay right through the app. 

The fact of the matter is that the average wait time at a pharmacy for a prescription is 45 minutes. That doesn't even account for the trip there and back. Collectively, people waste more than 8 million hours a day standing around and doing nothing. 

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You know what you could have used that time for? A lot of things, but namely, literally anything else. 

Download the app already. Get back your time right hereOh, don't have an iPhone? No problem. You're not the only one. You can call them directly at 844-ZIP-DRUG. 

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