Who doesn't love a refreshing Starbucks iced coffee in the middle of this summer's gruesome heat?

Every New Yorker should be raising their hand right now. But some hands might go down when you hear that Starbucks' ice has fecal pieces in it. 

Tests were run and the ice used to fill up your watered down cups of joy showed up to have 30% of fecal coliforms in them. 

We're pretty sure you've consumed worst at your fave greasy food cart but still. EW.

Even though fecal coliforms is a bacteria, it isn't as harsh to the body as you may think after being frozen into ice cubes. That doesn't stop it from being disgustingly gross though.

We know you aren't happy about this, but let's be real; we're pretty sure you'll continue to grab a large iced coffee while on the go. Lets face it, NYC is filled with rats and their poop anyway.

Starbucks better fix the way they produce their ice ASAP though. Or America really will run on Dunkin (but who knows what's in their ice?).


Let's hear it for the spokesperson of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health who spoke up and stated that: "These should not be present at any level, never mind the significant numbers found.”

Will anything be okay to consume in America? Ugh, someone hand us a kale smoothie.


Frozen water isn't even safe anymore?

[Feature Image Courtesy Business Insider] [via Grub Street]