The mixologists are at it again! 

They– the big brains at 1124 Pike Street– have combined whiskey with coffee. 

Somebody, do something! Like what? I'm not sure; here, drink this delicious barrel aged pour over. All better? Good. The panic's passed. So, what do we know?

Recently Starbucks announced a new brew– two, actually– taking shape there, a special batch aged in oak whiskey barrels. 

Despite the secrecy surrounding this little-known batch, its contents have actually already been aged and roasted.  

But to the dismay of coffee (and whiskey) lovers everywhere outside of Seattle, the two varietals will only be sold at the Pike Street location.  

For the sake of a delicious fantasy, imagine, just for a minute, what will never be at the tip of your tongue:


Barrel Aged Cold Brew: Chilled and a little sweet, with a hint of barrel aged vanilla syrup to it

Barrel Aged Con Crema: A pour over with the same note of vanilla, but also topped in cold foam of cascara.  

And in both drinks, the satisfying smoothness of Reserve Sulewasi beans lovingly roasted, oaken strength, and hearty Woodinville Whiskey Co. tastes straight from Washington. 

But heads up, if you do find yourself at 1124 Pike Street, know that the whiskey-tinged drinks have been burned completely free of alcohol during the roasting process. 

So, if you planned on getting anything beyond caffeine jitters from a binge on the new beverages, you're out of luck. 

[via Thrillist][Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]